November Wrap Up

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Its officially the last month of the year!  Somehow November flew by as we are now well into December, and so getting nearer and nearer to Christmas every day.  And whilst I am super excited about that fact, it does mean that another month of reading has come to an end, and unfortunately is was another pretty bad one for me.  I only managed to finish two books during it, and whilst I did thoroughly enjoy both of them, I still wish I could have got a few more books off my TBR before we entered the final month of 2018.

So here are all of the books I read in November!

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I started the month by continuing on with the last of my library books from September, as I had already started this sci-fi story following teenage hacker Emika Chen as she is recruited as a spy inside the annual Warcross tournament back in October.  After Ready Player One didn’t live up to my expectations, I was a little hesitant to go into another novel based on a virtual reality game and competition, but thankfully this one ended up surprising me with how quickly I was drawn into this world.  I thoroughly enjoyed all of our characters, particularly Hideo, who was so well written and complex that he managed to surprise me right up till the very last page.  The plot was really well executed, I enjoyed the writing style, and I can’t wait to see how this story continues, and concludes, in Wildcard.




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If you are looking for a contemporary to break your heart and your soul this winter, then read this book, because that is exactly what it did to me!  I knew before going into this one that it was going to be a emotional read, but that still did not prepare me for the pain this beautiful story would put me through as we see Beck both physically and emotionally abused by his mother, the Maestro, who is determined to live out her un-achieved dreams through him.  The writing style was hauntingly good and left me instantly wanting more from Cait, so its safe to say I’m pre-ordering her next novel, The Boy Who Steals Houses!



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I also started two more books in November, the first of those being Forest of a Thousand Lanterns by Julie C. Dao.  This is a evil queen retelling that I am adoring so far, especially as I get further and further into this dark story, so I can not wait to continue on, and finish it in December.

Throughout the month, I have also been listening to Fawkes by Nadine Brandes, which has surprised me so much by how much I have ended up enjoying it.  I picked it up pretty spontaneously with pretty low expectations, and with only a few hours to go I am really loving this historical retelling.


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Once again I only saw one film this month, and it was of course Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, which seems to be receiving extremely mixed reviews since its release.  I personally enjoyed this second installment in the Fantastic Beasts series, although it definitely did not live up to my love for the first film and all the magic it brought along with it.

On the TV front, November was similarly a pretty quiet month, as I just continued on with all of the shows I was currently watching in October, including American Horror Story and The Good Place.  Hopefully next month I will get round to a few more shows that have been catching my eye!


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Vicky @ Vicky Who Reads shares some YA Asian Fantasy recommendations based on other fantasy books.

Fadwa @ Word Wonders talks about Audiobooks and recommends some of her favourites to get you started on them.

Lily @ Sprinkles of Dreams discusses five diverse books coming out in the next few months to add to your TBR.


What books did you read in November?  What TV Shows and movies did you watch?  What are your reading plans for December?  Have you read any of these – what did you think?


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  1. awww, omg thank you so much for linking up my post! so glad you liked my Asian fantasy recs! sounds like you read a bunch of awesome books this month!


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