Top Ten Tuesday Forty Five – Top Ten Cozy/ Wintry Reads

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature/ meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

Today we are talking about books perfect to read in the winter season, as we are now somehow already in December!  Personally, I always tend to lean towards fantasy and historical fiction during this time of year, as I’m sure a lot of people do, but I have also tried to include some books from other genres that I think may still fit into the idea of cozy or wintery reads.

So here are ten books perfect to pick up this winter!

Clockwork Angel Header.png

With the release of Queen of Air and Darkness, now is the perfect time to enter or re-discover the Shadowhunter world with this story of automatons and friendships within the streets of Victorian London.

Wuthering Heights Header.png

I’m pretty sure its illegal to not dive into this book when the rain is hammering against your window and the wind is whipping at the trees.  This is the perfect classic for winter, with Emily Bronte’s tale set against the wild moors one to instantly draw you into to its dark and twisted nature.

Six Of Crows header.png

If heists and unlikely bands of criminals are not perfect for winter weather, then I don’t know what is.  If somehow you haven’t discovered this epic duology of twists, turns, friendship and fights, then please do yourself a favour and pick it up during these colder months!

The Night Circus Header.png

An optional red scarf is recommended if you want to really immerse yourself in this magical world while reading, but one thing that is certain is that it is a perfect story to sink yourself into this winter.  Everything from its whimsical nature to the beautifully rich writing style will transport you to the Le Cirque des Rêves in a instant, no matter where in the world it, or you, may be.

Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (20)

If, like me, you are a fan of the Christmas season, and so want to get the most of out it in everyone way possible, then this warming tale of Dash and Lily’s scavenger hunt across New York during the festive period is one to add to the top of your December TBR.  It is the perfect book to get you straight into the Christmas spirit whilst warming your heart as Lily and Dash’s relationship begins to grow and grow.

The Miniaturist Header.png

Historical fictions are perfect to curl up when the weather turns colder, so why not wander Amsterdam in the 1600’s with Nella as she begins her life as a wife that will have more in store for her than she ever imagined.  Not only is this book beautifully written, but the magical elements within it really reflect the magical atmosphere of this time of year.

The Queen of the Tearling Header.png

Want a fantasy to really sink your teeth into?  Then this series is definitely one to pick up this winter!  The slow-burn nature of this story, the complex politics and the unique fantasy world built within these books make this one perfect to curl up with and devour under your favourite blanket.

The Darkest Minds Header.png

I know I am very late to the game on this one, but this dystopian story is a perfect choice for this time of year, as something about the colder weather really just makes me want to read about corrupt governments and rebellion.  Plus, with the movie adaption released this summer, you can stay tucked up under a blanket whilst you watch it even after you finish reading this spectacular story.

A Thousand Perfect Notes Header.png

Although contemporaries are more often associated with the summer months, this emotional tale is one perfect for reading this winter, as it shares Beck’s story of abuse, music and friendship through beautiful writing that will make it impossible to put this book down.

This Savage Song Header.png

The dark nights outside are paralleled in the city of Verity, where monsters created from immoral and illegal acts roam the streets in this dystopian by V. E. Schwab.  If you are looking for a twisted story about monstrous things, adventure and friendship, then this book is one to give a go.


What books do you recommend reading this winter?  Do you agree with my recommendations?  Have you read any of these – what did you think?



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