August Wrap Up

Its now September, and honestly I don’t know how I feel about that fact, especially considering how fast August went by for me. As we are now over 10 days into the month, it is well past time for me to wrap up everything that happened in August, even if I didn’t actually post anything during that time (sorry!). August was just a crazy month for me, and so I am hoping that in September I can get myself a little more organised and have a more productive month in terms of reading and blogging.

So here is my August wrap up!

August was a pretty average month in terms of both what I read and how much I read. I finished five books in total, which is what I usually expect to read in a month, but still puts me around 10 books ahead of my Goodreads challenge. Unfortunately I did have a more mixed month in terms of my enjoyment of these books, with my ratings ranging from 2 to 5 stars.

After seven weeks of reading this one, I finally finished it at the very start of August, and overall I had a really great time with this one. The world building was by far the standout as it was so beautifully done that I am desperate to read so much more in this fantasy world, whilst the characters were also super interesting to follow and read about. The plot was super detailed without ever getting too complicated, and overall this was just such an epic journey that I am so glad I went on.

(tw: Death, Murder, Violence)

I read this one as the first book of the magicalathon, both because it fitted the prompt and to make myself finally read this one as I have owned it ever since it was first released. Whilst I did adore returning to the Grisha world and to these familiar characters, the plot itself wasn’t one that instantly grabbed me, and it actually was pretty slow up until two thirds of the way through.

(tw: Death, Murder, Violence)

This was a surprise read for this month, as I only recently even bought it, and I am usually always the sort of person to leave books on my shelves for a while before reading them. I really liked the art style of this one, as well as all of the different characters and worlds we already got to explore in just this volume. This was definitely a fast-paced and enjoyable read, even if it didn’t blow me away like I expected it to.

(tw: Death, Murder, Violence, Rape)

This is one that not only fitted in with one of the prompts for the Magicalathon, but was also one of the five books I need to read for my Reading the Lowest Rated Books on my TBR post. Unfortunately, I did end up agreeing with most people’s opinions on this one, as I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as I had Adam Silvera’s other books. The I wasn’t a fan of the writing style, the world-building was almost non-existent and the characters were too boring for me to really care about what happened to them.

(tw: Death, Murder, Violence, Body Dysphoria)

August also saw me read this super hyped book, a fantasy that I quickly grew to love the longer I spent in this world. I found Sarah J. Maas’ writing alot easier to get through than I had in the past, and was almost instantly invested in this story and characters. I loved so much about this story that I can not wait to pick up the sequel, which I’ve heard is even better.

(tw: Death, Torture, Violence, Murder)

August also saw me take part in another readathon, this time a month long one centered around fantasy books that took place on Instagram. As soon as I heard about it, I knew I wanted to take part in it as it sounded so unique and a perfect fit for what I tended to read anyway.

I was placed into the school of royals, and so had four initial prompts to complete. Although I was pretty confident that I would be able to at least achieve these challenges, in the end I only managed to complete three out of the four, as I finished Roar by Cora Carmack at the very start of September instead of before the end of August.

That said, I am still super glad that I took part in this readathon, as not only did it allow me to pick up books that have been on my TBR for a long time, but it was also just a really fun way to connect with new people through the discord server and to just share my love of reading fantasy books. I will definitely be participating in this if it returns in the future!

I took a month break from this very blog, despite saying in my July Wrap Up that I was hoping to get back into posting regularly in August. As you’ll see below, August was a pretty busy month for me, and so I both didn’t have a ton of time or a ton of motivation to blog. So far, September has been a much slower month, so as of right now I am planning on using this time to get a ton of posts written and drafted in preparation for when university starts again.

Eat Out to Help Out nearly killed me. I’ve worked part time as a waitress for nearly two years, and I’ve never been as tired after work as I have been on a Wednesday night last month.

I also spent alot of August starting the process of moving out of my parents house, which is both exciting and nerve-wracking! I’m planning on living with my boyfriend and two best friends, and I honestly can’t wait to start living with three of my favourite people.

How was your August? What books did you read this month – which was your favourite? Do you have any specific reading plans for September?



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