June Wrap Up

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Its a few days late, but its finally time to wrap up all of the reading that I got done in June!  Last month was yet another uneventful one in terms of everything else in my life, so as with May I am just going to be talking about the books I read in June rather than the TV shows and Movies I watched or what I did.

Somehow June was a really good month for reading, with six books completed and all the books I read being 4 stars or higher, something which never happens for me.  I read so many good books this month, and found some new favourites that I will be sure to revisit in the future.  I also focused on LGBT+ books for Pride month, with all five of the books that I actually started in June featuring an LGBT+ protagonist or character.

So here are all of the books that I read in June!


The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes


As is usually the case with the first books in my monthly wrap up, I actually started this one in May as I couldn’t resist diving into this series as soon as possible.  I have seen alot of people have mixed feelings about this one, but personally I really enjoyed this story for what it was, even if it was very different from the original Hunger Games trilogy.  I really enjoyed getting to explore Snow’s character and watching as he slowly begins his journey to becoming the villain we all know and hate.  Seeing the very early days of the Hunger Games was also so interesting and really made me nostalgic for when I first read these books.

(tw: Death, Violence, Murder)



flower 4

Heartstopper Volume Three

As June is Pride month, there is no way I couldn’t pick up the latest installment in my favourite graphic novel series.  I adore these books so much, and this one was no different as I adored watching Charlie, Nick and their friends exploring Paris together.  We got yet more gorgeously cute moments between Charlie and Nick that I couldn’t help but squeal at, as well as some equally as adorable moments between their friends.  I also love how this series can be one that makes me feel so happy whilst also dealing with some more serious topics, such as sexuality and eating disorders, which is specifically touched on in this volume.  I don’t think I will ever stop adoring these novels, and am already counting down the days until the next volume is released.

(tw: Bullying, Self-harm, Eating Disorders)



flower 4

Carry On

Next up is a book that I knew I wanted to read this month, as it has been on my TBR for years now, and June was the perfect time to finally dive into it.  I was definitely nervous going into this one because of all the hype surrounding it, and yet that didn’t stop me from loving this story so much more than I expected to.

Everything about this book is so well done, from the unique magic system to the relationships between the characters.  Simon is the perfect unlikely chosen one, whilst Baz’s wit and angst compliments his personality so well, and honestly I would probably die for Penelope.  This book is the perfect mix of cuteness and magic and humour, and so I would expect to see Wayward Son in one of my wraps up very soon.

(tw: Death, Murder, Violence)



flower 4

Aristotle & Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

This is another one that I knew I wanted to get around to this month, and another that I was hesitant to pick up both because of the amount of people who love it, and because I wasn’t a huge fan of another Benjamin Alire Saenz book.  However, as soon as I closed the last page of this one I knew that I had joined the club of people who adore this novel.

This beautiful story about growing up and accepting yourself for who you are is one that will pull on your heartstrings time and time again.  Aristotle and Dante are two amazingly written characters who you can’t help but love despite their flaws, and the writing style is so unique and perfectly suited to the story it is telling.  Everything about this book was just so well done and told a story that will stay with me for a long time to come.

(tw: Death, Violence)



flower 4

The Raven King

Next up I decided to pick up the sequel to The Foxhole Court, a book I read and enjoyed back in February.  Although I did enjoy the first book, I wasn’t as big of a fan of the series as everyone else seemed to be, but that all changed after diving into this one.

This book just took everything up a notch in terms of the story and the insight into the characters, which unsurprisingly made me fall in love with them so much more.  I loved watching how the relationships between Neil, Kevin and Andrew developed as well as learning more about all of their pasts, and after that ending I can not wait to dive into the concluding novel.

(tw: Death, Violence, Rape, Torture)



flower 4

Copy of Copy of Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

This book has been on my TBR for years now, and so when I realized that this one features a f/f romance it seemed like the perfect push for me to finally pick this one up as my final read of June.

I loved this fantasy story that focuses on Lei as she is taken from her village to become a Paper girl, girls who are chosen each year to serve the king as his consort.  Lei is such a strong female character who refuses to compromise her morals and her beliefs despite the danger it puts her in, and similarly I adored how mysterious Wren was and watching as these two slowly grow to trust and care for each other.  The world itself was also super interesting and I loved the combination of demons and humans, and I just can’t wait to continue on with this series and find out what happens next!

(tw: Death, Violence, Sexual Assualt, Rape, Torture, Murder)



flower 4

What books did you read this month?  What was your favourite book of June?  Do you have any specific reading plans for July?



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