May Wrap Up

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Another month in lockdown done and so another round of books to wrap up and talk about.  May was once again a month that seemed to both fly by and go pretty slowly, which now just seems like the atmosphere of quarantine.  That said, I did manage to have a pretty good reading month, completing five books during May, even if most of them sort of sat in the middle at between 3 and 4 stars for me.  My reading also seemed to pick up alot during the later end of the month, and so I am really excited to hopefully continue that upward trend into June.

So here are all of the books I read in May!

Copy of Copy of Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

In all honesty I can’t remember what prompted me to dive into this book other than the fact that I needed to read it before I forgot everything that happened in The Smoke Thieves.  Although I enjoyed the first book, I was definitely expecting a little more from this book as I got the sense that this story would just get better and better as it continued.

In the end, I’d say that this second book was on about the same level as the first, as it was not super amazing or something that I loved, but was definitely a fun read in an interesting fantasy world.  I started to enjoy some of our characters more, such as Edyon and Tash, whilst others, most notably Ambrose, began to get on my nerves a tad.  Although I don’t want to set my expectations much higher for the last book, I am excited to see some more action and more Prince Tszayn as he is definitely one of my favourites, as well as to watch Tash explore more of the demon world which was definitely one of the most intriguing aspects of this middle book.



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Copy of Copy of Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (2)

This was definitely a spontaneous pick up for me after I just had such an urge to finish this duology as soon as this one arrived in the post.  I really enjoyed the first book, Grace and Fury, after I similarly picked it up on a whim last year, and this one was definitely a satisfying ending to the series.

As with Grace and Fury, I much preferred Serina’s chapters and her character, although Nomi definitely grew on me a lot throughout this book.  The pace of this one was definitely a little slow for me, as nothing really seemed to happen until halfway through the book, at which point I was starting to get a bit bored.  That said, this book was another super enjoyable read, and I am glad that I read this strong girl power fantasy duology.



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Copy of Copy of Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (5)

I read this one as part of my post reading the lowest rated books on my TBR, and so its safe to say that I knew this one was not particularly well liked before going into it.  Despite expecting to at least like this book after how much I enjoyed STAGS, I unfortunately agreed with the majority of people in not being a fan of this story, hence why I only gave it 2 stars.

I don’t want to say too much on what I thought here as I am planning on doing a wrap up post specifically for the five books I am reading with the lowest ratings, but overall the story was just a little boring, the main character so unlikable and the plot twists predictable.  I wish I had enjoyed this one more, but now I am just hoping to have a better time with the next book on my TBR.



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Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy

After finishing The Island, I was hesitant to start another book as I was expecting my copy of The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes to arrive any day, and as it is one of my most anticipated releases I wanted to be able to dive straight into it as soon as I could.  So it seemed like the perfect option would be to pick this one back up, which turned into me reading all of the short stories I had left in this collection.

Overall, I really enjoyed all of the stories in this book and following Simon through his adventures in the Shadowhunter Academy.  There were definitely some that I wasn’t a huge fan, such as The Evil We Love, but these were counteracted by stories that I really enjoyed, including Pale Kings and Princes and, my personal favourite, Born to Endless Night.  I am now even more excited to continue on in the Shadowhunter world and to start the Dark Artifices series hopefully very soon.



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Don't Date Rosa Santos & King of Scars

Don’t Date Rosa Santos

After my university went online and lockdown started, my audiobook listening almost completely stopped as all of the times that I would usually listen to one were no longer there.  However, after a few weeks of giving up on that side of my reading completely, I finally picked this one up as it seemed like the perfect summery read that I was interested in, and that is exactly what I got with this gorgeous story.

This book was so beautiful and fun whilst also dealing with culture and Rosa’s struggles of not feeling Latinx enough whilst also wanting to learn more about her heritage and her family’s past.  The setting of Port Coriol is so well built to be this gorgeous little town where everyone is almost like a big extended family, whilst Rosa is a quirky and ambitious protagonist who I adored following.  Alex was also the perfect brooding sailor who is really the softest boy who bakes and is just so caring and supportive of Rosa and everything she does.  If you want a contemporary for the summer, please give this one a go!



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TV, Movies & Music

This month I continued on with alot of the same sort of shows I was watching last month, my favourite of which has to be Money Heist.  I have currently one episode left, and its safe to say that I am putting off watching it because I know there is no more of this spectacular show to watch after I’ve finished it.

One of my favourite easy viewing shows, Modern Family, also got added to Netflix this month, so of course I had to binge all the series available this month.  Finally, I have just started another comedy series, Dead to Me, which so far I am really enjoying and I am excited to see more.

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What books did you read this month?  What was your favourite book that you read in May?  Do you have any reading plans for June?






One thought on “May Wrap Up

  1. I agree with you for Tales of the Shadowhunter Academy, some stories stand out more in my opinion than others. But I really liked that we got to see more of Simon and Isabelle in this book (and all the other characters too)! The other books sound really interesting!


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