Reading the Five Lowest Rated Books on my TBR – Part One

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I’ve been wanting to do a post like this for a while now as it has always been an interesting concept to me to, but had never actually got around to sorting out my Goodreads shelves so that I could do it.  So this is one of the good things to come out of lockdown as I finally managed to organize myself and find out what are the lowest rated books on my TBR.  I’m not going to be setting a time limit on when I will have read these books by, but I hoping to get around to all of them fairly soon so that I don’t leave too long between the second part of this post.

I’d say that on the whole I agree with the average ratings on books on Goodreads, with some of those with the lowest ratings are ones that I also wasn’t a fan of, such as There’s Someone Inside Your House and Me and Earl and the Dying Girl.  Similarly, some of my favourite books have the highest avergae ratings of my read shelf, with Crooked Kingdom the second highest at 4.6 and Call Down the Hawk at 4.39.  However, there are a few odd ones out, such as The Miniaturist, that I rated much higher than the majority of other people, so I am curious to see what the outcomes of this post is.


I also found that this alot of the books on this list are ones that I sort of expected to be here, as I have either heard mixed opinions on them or myself have been hesitant to pick them up because I’m not sure whether or not I will enjoy them or not.  That said, I am still obviously hoping to disagree with the majority and to actually really enjoy these ones as who ever wants to read a book they don’t like!

So here are the books I am going to be reading!


Copy of Copy of Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (6)

Average rating: 2.83

This is the only book both on my physical TBR and on my read shelf that has an average rating of less than 3, and I am super curious to find out why.  Although I didn’t pick this one up expecting it to be a new favourite, I obviously think that I am going to enjoy it as I usually do with David Levithan books, and so I’m interested to see if I agree with this super low average rating.

Copy of Copy of Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (7)

Average rating: 3.12

This book is one of those that has been on my shelves for so long because I am so nervous that I won’t enjoy it based on the number of mixed and negative reviews I have unfortunately heard about it.   Although I obviously still want to see what I think for myself, it is always a little niggle there that I may be less likely to enjoy it because so many other people haven’t, so in that sense I’m quite happy to finally have a solid reason to pick it up.


Infinity Son

Average rating: 3.25

Whilst I’m not entirely surprised that this book doesn’t have a particularly high rating, I am surprised at just how lowly it is averagely rated.  I’ve heard so many people have mixed opinions on this one or be disappointed by it, and so I always knew that I would go into with a little hesitation, but I didn’t expect it to be the third lowest on my TBR.  I have enjoyed Adam Silvera’s other books, and so I am super curious to see how he handles fantasy and to see if that is why this one hasn’t been as enjoyed.

Copy of Copy of Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (5)

Average rating: 3.26

This is likely the one that I the most sceptical about, as STAGS, one of my favourite thrillers, actually also has a pretty low rating on Goodreads.  Therefore, I am more leaning towards disagreing with the majority as I know I enjoyed M. A. Bennett’s first book alot more than others, but we will have to wait and see whether I end up being right about that or not.


Imaginary Friend

Average rating: 3.50

I am very conflicted on whether or not I am going to enjoy this one or not, as I adored The Perks of Being a Wallflower but also know that alot of people didn’t enjoy this one anywhere near as much as that.  I picked this up before I read alot of mixed reviews about it because I was just so excited that Stephen Chbosky was finally releasing another book, and so it will be super interesting to see which side I fall onto with this one.

flower 4

Do you tend to agree with Goodreads ratings?  Are some of your favourite books lowly rated?  Have you read any of these – what did you think?



4 thoughts on “Reading the Five Lowest Rated Books on my TBR – Part One

  1. Love this post!! I’m like you and usually agree with GR ratings, and rarely have success with books below 4 stars, but there are always exceptions. And I’m curious to see if some of those below 4 star books might not turn into favorites. Do you mind if I use the idea for a bog post? I would of coures link and credit your blog. 😊


    1. Absolutely! I’d love to see more people try this out, and I’m sure I’ve seen other people do similar posts in the past, so its super interesting to see if people agree with GR ratings or not.


  2. Wow, I didn’t even know that INFINITY SON had such low ratings. That’s disappointing. I hate to admit this, but sometimes I go and read reviews for Zenith just to entertain myself. Some people wrote some SCATHING and hilarious reviews (sorry- that’s kind of mean to admit). I read half of Imaginary Friend and am planning on finishing at some point. It wasn’t that it wasn’t good, it was just a little slow. Happy reading– this is a cool idea!!


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