UK vs US Cover – Part Three

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I’ve been lacking alot of motivation recently, and so today I decided to try and gain some of that back by doing a fun little post where I just get to look at pretty book covers and talk about them.  I love comparing different editions of books especially as I often have a different cover to alot of the book photos I see online, and so I am always up for a little UK Vs US post like this where I just get to dissect them.

This time I focused on some of my more recent reads, which also ended up giving me covers which looked very similar compared to the vastly different covers in different countries that I usually talk about.

So here is the third part of my UK Vs US covers posts!

Copy of If You Liked This (1)

Copy of Copy of Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

These two covers use exactly the same cover image, and yet in so many other ways they are very different covers.  We have the much lighter and sort of old fashioned looking cover of the US against the darker UK cover that focuses more on the title over the image.  Personally, I much prefer the more colourful UK edition purely because I think it stands out more and is just prettier.

I also definitely favour the font used on the UK cover, as it is one that instantly reminds of the 70’s and so transports me to that period before I’ve even opened the book.  Its much bolder and just overall makes for a much more striking cover that makes me more interested in the story inside.

Verdict: UK

Copy of If You Liked This (3)

Copy of Copy of Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (1)

This is likely the one I am most conflicted on, as I am a fan of both covers, not that there is a ton of difference between the two.  I really love how the US cover features all three of the crowns, each representing a different queen, whereas the UK edition chooses to make just a single crown the focal point of the cover.  However, the benefit of the single crown is that it allowed for three different covers with each representing a different queen, something that I think is a really fun thing to do that uses the concept of the book in an interesting way.

Furthermore, the font on the UK edition is much more eye-catching to me, particularly as it is in red compared to the US in white.  This ties into the one thing that cements the UK cover as my favourite – the different coloured spines.  I adore series where each book has a different colour scheme and spine to match, and so its no surprise that the UK edition won over my heart with its red spine on this first book.

Verdict: UK

Copy of If You Liked This (2)

Copy of Copy of Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

These two are probably the most different of those in this post despite the similar red writing.  Firstly, in opposition to my usual opinion on cover models, I actually much prefer the feature of the four people with covered up faces in the US version, as it instantly tells you that this is a thriller featuring four people likely as the key suspects without having to read anything.  That said, I am also a fan of the way the UK represents this using the tagline, something that instantly reminds me of The Breakfast Club and so also gives an idea what this story is about.

I am also much more of a fan of the font on US cover, as for whatever reason the marker style of it just makes me think of police investigation and murders.  The font used on the UK cover is much less striking and in a similar way to the rest of the cover, just seems a lot more like other YA covers that wouldn’t stand out to me.

Verdict: US

Copy of If You Liked This

Call Down the Hawk

This has to be the easiest choice for me despite the two covers being pretty similar, as I adore the UK cover, and so the US cover could not even come close to my love for it.

The colour scheme is so stunning on the UK cover, and I much prefer the lighter and less harsh colours used in it compared to the in the US.  It looks to fit in with the white background of The Raven Cycle books a little more, and is just overall alot more eye-catching than the slightly more generic cover of the US edition.

I also much prefer the larger image of the bird, as not only does it mean less of the cover is empty space, but also allows for the details on the wings to be clearly seen.  I adore the way the wings fade into trees on fire, and so its clear that I would be more of a fan of the UK version over the US in which this image is not easily seen.

Verdict: UK

flower 4

Do you tend to lean more towards UK covers or US covers?  Do you agree with my opinions on these different editions?  Have you read any of these – what did you think?


4 thoughts on “UK vs US Cover – Part Three

  1. I love UK covers, but sometimes the US cover is prettier. It depends on the genre I feel. And sometimes I buy both, not often, but if I LOVE the book, and both covers are gorgeous, I want to own them both.


  2. Got to agree with you on all three counts. Also, I’ve found that books first released in the UK often get their titles changed for US audiences (and vice versa), which is annoying! For example, Maggie O’Farrell’s novel “Hamnet” in the UK is being called “Hamnet & Judith” in the US, which makes NO sense at all!


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