February Wrap Up

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Tomorrow is the first of March, and so there seems like no better time to wrap up February than on the last day of the month!

February was a very slow month for me, more so than January, and so for that reason I am quite happy to be finally moving into a new month and to get a small fresh start of sorts.  I did read slightly more than January as I guess I settled more into a routine of reading, and I feel like going into March I am definitely in the best reading mood that I have been in so far in 2020.  I read 4 books this month and got halfway through a fifth, and as with January these books were quite a mixture of new favourites and just okay ones.

So here are all of the books that I read in February!

The Foxhole Court

Copy of Copy of Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

I actually started this first book back in January, but didn’t get around to finishing it till the start of this month as I’ve been doing alot recently.  The key reason for this is because it took me a while to really get into the story and begin engaging with it, but when I did I was fully into it.

A book about sports is not something I would normally gravitate towards, and whilst this aspect definitely wasn’t that interesting to me, this story is so much more than that, that it still managed to grip me.  It was more about relationships and characters, as well as the little inclusion of the criminal world and gangs.  That said, one thing I don’t really agree with is the comparison between this and The Raven Boys, as the only real thing these things have in common is the found family trope, so I would suggest going into this without that expectation.  That said, this was one of my favourite aspects of the book as we see these people from such different, often quite horrible backgrounds, grow to lean on each other and create a new family of their own.  Because of this, I am definitely planning on continuing on with this series and seeing what the next book holds for these characters.

(tw: Death, Drug Abuse, Violence)



flower 4


Copy of Copy of Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (1)

My first audiobook of the month here and one that I unfortunately was not as big a fan of as I hoped to be.  Strangely I actually had the opposite experience than I did with The Foxhole Court, as I found myself liking this story less and less as it progressed.  In the beginning I was really into this contemporary with a time-travelling twist, but as the story continued and we kept seeing Jack replay the same events over and over again with only small differences, I got really bored and started caring about things less and less.  I also found myself growing further away from the characters as they got less likable and started making decisions that I didn’t understand or agree with, and so that unfortunately made me unable to really enjoy this otherwise interesting story that does cover some unique topics.

(tw: Violence, Shooting)



flower 4


I Wish you All The Best

I finally dived into this book this month after wanting to read it ever since its release last year, and seeing as I had to read an LGBTQ+ book for my book club, it only made sense for this one to be my choice.  This was such a beautiful and heartbreaking story about Ben’s journey after they come out to their parents only to be kicked out and forced to move in with their sister who left 10 years ago.  Although the focus of this story was Ben’s identity and their struggles with it, particularly after the rejection of their parents, I also loved how this book also dealt with anxiety, depression and family relations amongst so many other things.  The representation of therapy and medication to help with mental illness was also something I really enjoyed as it is not something I’ve seen much of before.  I have also never read a book with a non-binary main character before, and so it was super thought-provoking to read a own voices story about someone coming out as such and the small every day struggles of being mis-gendered whilst also not yet being comfortable sharing their truth and being who they truly are.




flower 4


Copy of Copy of Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (2)

After finishing I Wish you all the Best, I realized just how much contemporary I had been reading, and so decided it was time to take a step away from reality and dive straight into this space adventure.  I will admit I was a little hesitant at first as I didn’t realize that this was not a direct sequel to The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet, but once I got a few chapters in I was fully on board.  One of my favourite things about the first book was its gorgeous character development, and this one was no different as we got to explore Sidra and Pepper so deeply and watch as they grow so much through this story.  I just adore Becky Chamber’s writing and her storytelling, so its no surprise that this one captured my heart just as much as I expected.



flower 4


Copy of Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

This month has been another one filled with just continuing on with old shows and watching odd episodes of comedies or whatever in between my regular shows.  That said, it shouldn’t be a surprise that I am still making my way through Lucifer and The Witcher (which I may be finished by the time this post goes up!) and still enjoying every episode of each of them.

I also only watched one movie this month, that being Dolittle, which was a fun film but overall nothing special.  It was enjoyable and had a few funny moments, but just wasn’t anything that I will hugely remember, or likely ever want to watch again.


Copy of Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (1)

Despite it being the shortest month, February actually felt like it lasted for the longest time, so much so that the beginning of it feels like a lifetime ago.  So many things happened that its no surprise that I just completely burnt out and became super ill a week or so ago, which is why there haven’t been as many posts as I would have liked, or as much as reading.  That said, I did spent alot of this month with friends and family and so I definitely made some great memories amongst everything else.

flower 4

What books have you read this month?  What was your favourite book that you read this month?  Have you got any specific reading plans for March?



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