Seven Books To Escape into on Those Dark Winter Nights

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January always feels like the longest month of the year, something not helped by the long nights and cold days that just make you want to stay inside, curled up with a book, until the season is over.  So, today I thought I would share some of my recommendations for exactly that situation, with all of these books ones that I think are perfect to read during the winter for one reason or another.  Hopefully this books are ones that will make these next few months pass by a little quicker or just give you something to dive into after a long day out in the world.

So here are seven books I think are perfect to read during the winter months!


If We Were Villains

Fantasy is usually my go to genre in the colder months, but if I am going to diverge from it, then my next port of call is a dark thriller or contemporary to keep me awake, both because I can’t stop reading and because I’m scared of what may be lurking in the shadows.  If you’re the same, then If We Were Villains, a dark academia following seven young acting students as their on-stages personas slowly begin to spread into their own personalities, with deadly consequences, is the perfect book to try.  It is told in a super interesting dual timeline with beautifully crafted characters and a mystery that will leave you guessing and guessing even when you believed it was all over.  On top of that, its gorgeously written and will leave you savoring every word of this unique and insanely rich story.

Copy of Copy of Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (14)

An epic fantasy story following two women living centuries apart is the perfect thing to fill your evenings with as you slowly learn more and more about this gorgeously rich story that just keeps getting better and better.  I dare you not to be hooked from the very start with a prologue that draws you straight in followed by a gorgeously written plot equal parts action and character development.  I adore the inclusion of angels in this fantasy world as well as the many different legends and tales we get to hear, with the pure amount of detail poured into this story making it a perfect one to sink your teeth right into at this time of year.


Copy of Copy of Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (13)

This book will send just as many shivers down your spine as the chilly wind outside, with its focus on a weekend of blood sports and uncovering dark secrets sure to hook you to this twisted tale.  No matter how creepy it all got, I just couldn’t tear myself away from this story and the mystery that slowly began to unfold.  The atmosphere created the perfect sense of unease and eeriness, with the suspense and twists continuing right up until the very last page.

Copy of Copy of Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (12)

If you want a gorgeously atmospheric read that will act as the perfect complement to winter scene around you, then this is definitely one to give a try.  Historical fictions are another perfectly suited to this time of year, and this one is no different as it transports you to 17th century Amsterdam to discover the mystery of the Miniaturist and watch as it begins to predict our protagonists Nella’s life.  This book juggles so many different things from attitudes and society at the time to the complex relationships between our characters, and watching it all unfold through Jessie Burton’s gorgeous prose is definitely something worth reading this winter.


A Curse so Dark & Lonely

Winter nights are literally like a curse that is so dark and lonely, so diving into this book (which most definitely isn’t) is the perfect way to try and break that very curse.  This Beauty and the Beast retelling is fast-paced and action packed, with the pages just flying by as you sucked into this fantastical world of cursed princes and evil sorceresses.   The characters are ones you will very soon grow to root for and care for, making the number of times they find themselves in danger a little harder to read.  Plus, the sequel was just recently released, meaning that you can waste no time in carrying on with this series after that horrible cliffhanger book one ends on.

The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet

Rich worlds and stories are perfect for the wintertime, a category that this book firmly fits into with Becky Chamber’s beautifully detailed world-building that will sometimes have you forgetting its all fictional.  The characters and the relationships between them is truly what makes this book, with all of them so unique and interesting that you can’t help but find yourself warming to each and everyone of them as the story progresses.  The plot itself is a slow-paced journey through space that allows you explore each and every new species and world you encounter whilst still being engaging enough that you just can’t wait to see what will happen next.


Copy of Copy of Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (11)

A true villain origin story here, and one that will instantly wrap you up in this story of ambition and magic that ends in some deadly consequences.  Xifeng is one of the most interesting protagonists I have ever read about, and watching her desire for power slowly overcome her is something I just couldn’t tear myself away from.  The court politics are so beautifully woven into the story, and the world itself is beautifully built throughout the story.  Although I unfortunately wasn’t a fan of the sequel, I will still continue to shout about this one from the rooftops until everyone is in love with Xifeng’s descent into darkness.

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What books do you recommend for the winter months?  Do you tend to gravitate towards certain books or genres during this time of year?  Have you read any of these – what did you think?



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