Call Down The Hawk Review (i.e. Maggie Stiefvater has captured my heart once again)

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As I’ve been talking about all year, one of my most anticipated reads, probably ever, came out on my birthday last month, and so of course I had to pick it up as soon as it was out.  I just couldn’t wait to return to this world and to read about both new and old characters in Maggie Stiefvater’s gorgeous writing.  And, who would have guessed that this would become one of my favourite books of the year!

One of favourite things about this book was how much more we got to see of the Lynch brothers, both as individuals and as brothers.  They are all such different people, and so it was super interesting to see all of their different personalities shine through in this story, as well as to explore their relationships with each other even further.  I particularly loved how much more we got to see of Declan, as this book changed my perspective of him in almost the same way as The Dream Thieves changed my opinion of Ronan, in that I now see how much of a complex character he is and how he’s outside persona is very different to his true self.  Honestly, I am just now big fan of Declan who just wants to protect his brothers, even if they hate him for it, which is a sentence I did not think I would say.


Similarly, this may sound strange, but I actually really liked how little we got to see of the other The Raven Boys and Blue.  I obviously still love them all as characters and so would never complain about seeing them once again, but that said I think the lack of them in this story stopped it from feeling like a continuation of The Raven Cycle and allowed it to really be the start of an entirely new and separate story.

Another reason why I don’t think I minded the lack of Raven Boys was because of my love of the new characters we got introduced to, in particular Jordan Hennessy who is one of my new favourite characters.  Her desperation for her own life was so heartbreaking and so watching her struggle with that whilst still trying to save and look after Hennessy made me fall in love with her strength through everything.  I also loved getting to explore the lives of other dreamers and their dreams, and so I hope this is something we continue to see in the next two books.

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The last character we got to follow was Carmen Faroq-Lane, and whilst her story had to be the one I was least invested in, that doesn’t mean that I didn’t still thoroughly enjoy her chapters and her moral struggle between saving the world or saving dreamers.  Her story got particularly interesting to me when it intertwined with Liliana’s, a character who is so mysterious that I was naturally super intrigued when she was introduced to Faroq-Lane.  Because of this, I can definitely see this particular storyline getting so crazier in the next books!


Speaking of the three different perspective, I was a huge fan of the way this book was set up and written with these different POV’s all slowly intertwining as the story progressed.  They were so many different things going on within these three characters lives and on top of that, with Declan and Liliana’s storylines also being woven in to this book.  Somehow this book managed to have so many different things going whilst still feeling like one story with just alot of smaller parts rather than an over-complicated book that should have been split up.

This book was full of mysteries and strange things we didn’t really understand, and one of my favourite of these was Bryde, the voice Ronan and others kept hearing in their dreams.  I love how he was built up as this almost super-natural figure whose name everyone knew but was completely unknown otherwise.  I was always questioning who this character was and what their aim was, and I loved how this mystery was kept going throughout this entire book.

Finally, as always, Maggie Stiefvater had me hooked from the start with her gorgeous writing that I could just get forever lost in.  I don’t think I will ever get tired of devouring one of her novels and just being in constant awe of her beautiful way with both words and characters.



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Have you read this one – what did you think?  Do you agree with my thoughts?



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