Top Ten Sixty Eight – Top Ten Changes in my Reading Life

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature/ meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

This weeks topic is a freebie, so as I have gotten into the habit of doing recently when we get a free week, today I am going to be doing a topic that I missed a few weeks ago.  I was super excited to do this topic back then and even started drafting out this post, but was unable to finish it in time, and so now seemed like the perfect time to finish it off and share it at last!

So here are some of the biggest changes in my reading life!


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I feel like this is one of the biggest changes in my reading life, as not only does it mean I am now consuming books in a completely different way, but it also means that I now commonly read multiple books at a time, with both a physical book and audiobook on the go most of the time.  I now rely on audiobooks for so much of my reading, and in particular I know that I would not have been reading anywhere near as regularly at university had I not had audiobooks.  If you have yet to give audiobooks a go, then I highly recommend putting one on next time you commute to work or walk the dog.

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Its very strange to think back to a time when contemporary was both my favourite and my most read genre.  Nowadays, fantasy is definitely the genre that usually comes out as the one I read the most from, and actually I have even found myself not wanting to reach for contemporaries, particularly the cute, fluffy kind, in recent months.  Furthermore, alot of the contemporaries I read nowadays are quite different to those I read a few years ago, with my tastes now leaning more towards darker stories and less towards romance-centered books.  That said, I am definitely not immune to the charms of a good little romance now and again, just not as often as I used to be!


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I feel like this is a natural change in my reading life, as obviously as I get older I am likely to begin to read more books targeted at adults over those targeted at teenagers or young adults. Although the majority of my reading is still YA, I am slowly seeing myself reaching for more adult fiction or books that include more adult themes, with some of my favourite books this year such as We Were Villains and The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet actually being from these genre.

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I definitely used to be that person who read a book in a day then didn’t read for a month, so its clear to see that nowadays I am definitely more of regular reader. There is rarely a time now where I won’t have at least one book on the go, and I actually find it strange when I don’t have one that I am halfway through.  Likely as a consequence of this, I rarely now read a book in a day or sometimes anywhere near that, which for me is a good habit to be in as otherwise I know I would get burnt out and not want to read for a month or so.


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When I first started getting into reading, so much of it was rereading my favourite books; I can’t even remember how many times I’ve read The Hunger Games or Noughts & Crosses over the years. However, in the last few years this habit has almost entirely vanished, so much so that it’s good if I reread more than one or two books a year.  Unlike some of the other changes on this list, this is one that I feel both happy and a little sad about, as one hand it means that I get to explore so many more stories than I otherwise would have.  However, it also means that most of those books that I do read only get read once, when I would actually often love to go back to some of my favourite books and relive them all over again.

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What are some of the biggest changes in your reading life?  Have you had any of the same changes as me?



11 thoughts on “Top Ten Sixty Eight – Top Ten Changes in my Reading Life

  1. I feel so much of this post, too! Except for me, it’s e-books instead of audiobooks, but a book is a book, regardless of how you choose to consume it. I read so much more regularly now, and I actually miss it if i go a day or two without reading something. Sounds like your reading habits have changed quite a bit!

    Here’s my TTT post.


  2. Love this! I am so glad that I got into audiobooks four years ago, because it’s seriously been so amazing. I’ve been able to read more, which was been nice. I like to have one audiobook and one physical/e-book being read at the same time. That way part of my day (when I’m working) I can dedicate to audio and then my downtime at home I can read something else. That’s great that you’re reading more adult fiction books now. I feel like over the last couple years I’ve really gotten more into adult fiction as well. I still love YA, but it’s nice picking up other genres as well.


    1. I definitely do the same with audiobooks and physical books – I always have one to listen to on the bus to uni and then when I get home I have a physical book to snuggle up with! It seems like the way our reading lives have changed are quite similar 🙂

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  3. I also have mixed feelings about not being able to reread the past few years. I miss so many books, but It’s also nice to cross books off my tbr. I am planning on requesting less arcs in 2020 so I can reread more. 🙂

    My TTT


  4. Always so fun to see people do this topic; glad you shared. I’ve definitely read more adult fiction since entering my late 20s, though it has yet to comprise more than 40% of my reading material in a given year. The year that ratio shifts will be historic.


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