August Wrap Up

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We have officially reached the end of August, and so the end of summer, something that I am very excited about as I am such an Autumn person – I’m currently writing this sat in my fluffiest jumper with a cup of coffee beside me, and I am very happy about it!  I am also so happy about this wrap up as August was by far by best reading month this year, with five finished books and two started during it, with two of these being five star reads and all of them being enjoyable stories.  I am praying that this reading motivation continues into September even as my life begins to get super busy again with the start of university, but only time will tell!

So here are all of the books I read in August!

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After being on my TBR for years, I finally got around to reading the first book in this extremely popular series that follows Kell, one of the last Antari with the ability to travel between parallel Londons, and I am so annoyed with myself that it took me this long!  I was instantly in love with the world and magic system that V. E. Schwab creates in this story, and the action-filled plot constantly kept me turning the pages.  The characters were are so interesting to me, and I can not wait to continue rooting for Kell and Lila in the next book in this series.

(tw: Violence, Death, Kidnapping, Murder)



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Copy of Copy of Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo


I decided to completely switch up the genre for my next read of the month with this YA contemporary that follows Eliza, the creator of a famous web-comic, as she meets and begins to grow closer to Wallace, who writes popular fanfiction of her comic.  I love how this book represented mental health and illness in such an honest way, and truly showed the struggles it can cause both those dealing with it, and those close to them.  I loved the focus on internet culture and fandoms, and the Monstrous Sea pages were all such a gorgeous edition to this book.

(tw: Depression, Suicide, Anxiety, Bullying)



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Here is another YA fantasy that I have been meaning to read ever since it was first released, and so August was clearly the month of knocking books off my TBR that have been there for way too long.  Unfortunately though, I was left just a tad disappointed by this one, especially in the beginning of the story, as this is definitely a book that takes a while to get going.  I did adore the world and the magic system within it, especially the naturalists with their animal companions, as well as the politics and secret plots that wove their way throughout this story.  I enjoyed all of our three sisters but wasn’t particularly excited about any of them, but right now I definitely leaning towards Katherine being my favourite to read about.  The plot definitely picks up towards the end of this first book, and so I am definitely planning on continuing on as I feel like this is just the start of an epic fantasy story that will just keep getting better and better.

(tw: Violence)



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Copy of Copy of Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (8)

After debating doing it ever since the Call Down the Hawk announcement, I finally started a reread of my favourite series of all time, this time on audiobook, and I can’t tell you how happy it made me to return to this book.  Every time I stuck my headphones in to listen to another chapter or so, I found myself starting to smile as I was once again transported into the lives of my favourite characters who are all just so real and special to me.  The world was just as atmospheric and whimsical as ever, and I am now somehow even more excited to both continue on with my reread, and for the ever-nearing release of Call Down the Hawk.

(tw: Violence, Murder, Abuse)



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Copy of Copy of Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (1)


The last book I finished this month was another one I have been meaning to read ever since it was released last year, and so I am very glad that I finally got around to it in August, especially as it is a summery read perfect for the warmer weather.  However, I have to admit that this may be my least favourite of Morgan Matson’s books that I’ve read, even if I did still enjoy it and have alot of fun reading it.  I really loved the large family dynamic between the Grants, as well as the relationship between Charlie and Bill and all of the crazy adventures they went on throughout this book.  I did find the number of things that went wrong a little over the top at times, but mostly it just added to the fun of this cute little story.



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What books did you read this month?  Was August a good reading month for you?  What books are on your TBR for September?





4 thoughts on “August Wrap Up

  1. WOW. Can I just say how GORGEOUS your photos are??? They’re honestly so beautiful I could stare at them forever 😍Congrats on such a great reading month, and I hope your September is just at great!! I’m so excited as well for Fall.

    Thank you for featuring my post!!


  2. Thank you so much for sharing my post! 🥰 I’m also such an autumnal person, so I’m currently very happy and cozy 🍂 I also liked A Darker Shade of Magic, but I sadly haven’t continued with the rest of the books yet 😮


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