The Boneless Mercies & Ace of Shades Review

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After discovering through the Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag that I have only written one review so far this year, I decided it was definitely time to change that!  Recently I think I’ve gotten out of the habit of writing reviews, as by the time I get round to writing it I have probably forgotten all of the details of my thoughts and opinions.  Therefore, today I thought I would actually sit down and write some mini-reviews for two of my most recent reads to try and break my awful reviewing habit, and to hopefully begin to get back into writing these sort of posts much more regularly than I have been doing recently.

So here are my reviews for The Boneless Mercies & Ace of Shades!


Copy of Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (11)

This fantasy world is one of the broadest I’ve ever read in a standalone.

Which had both its pros, and its cons.

There were so many different groups of people, lands, and cultures introduced to us in this less than 400 page book!  I really enjoyed how real this made the world feel, as I could tell how much work was put into the world-building, and into creating this complex and diverse fantasy setting.  It was so interesting getting to glimpse into each of these people’s cultures and to see the different lifestyles that exists within this single world.

However, I do believe that setting this story in such a vast and rich fantasy world also had its problems, as I found myself sometimes getting confused as to where this people had come from and which land was which.  We didn’t get enough time to settle into and learn about each group before we moved onto the next, and so I wish we could have explored these a little more.


The characters was another aspect that I am a little divided on.

For the most part, I don’t think I cared about any of our characters enough to fear for them or desperately want them to succeed.  I did enjoy the relationships between them, particularly Frey and Trigive, as well as Juniper’s character, who I loved for her quirky nature and loyalty to her home and people.  And as much as I love large casts of characters, the amount of people we were introduced to throughout this novel did sometimes force me to take a minute to figure out who was who.

As for the plot, overall I was just a little underwhelmed by everything.  Starting out, I loved the idea of this band of young girls searching for a new future away from mercy killing by hunting down this beast, but my interest soon dwindled.  I’m all for stories that focus on journeys, but this one was just too boring for me to truly want to continue on, hence why I read the entire second half of it on audiobook.  I found the actual slaying of the beast really anti-climatic, which just added to my unfortunate lack of interest in this one.



flower 4


Copy of Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (23)

This setting combined all of my favourite things into one deadly city.

Everything about this world is dark, with danger is lurking around ever corner.  I adored the 1920’s vibe that was mixed in as well, and getting to explore all of the casinos and secret markets this world has to over.  Amanda Foody’s writing perfectly set the atmosphere, creating this vivid world that you can instantly get lost in as you learn the history of it whilst simultaneously watching Levi play cards.

The plot was just as twisty and dark, with murder and crime around ever corner.  This book was not afraid to put our main characters in perilous situations, and had me terrified every time Enne and Levi found themselves in danger, as I had no idea how they would be able to get out of things alive.  There was so much deceit and politics and corruption that satisfied my heart to no end.


These are characters I would die for!

Enne’s evolution from posh prep school girl to street lord was honestly so glorious.  She was such a badass who wasn’t afraid of what she had to do to find her mother and later protect Levi, and I adored watching her growth throughout this book alone.  Levi was also a gorgeous written protagonist who, despite being a con artist and street lord, cared so much for those he looked after and his friends.  The side characters were all so well written and fitted in so well in the City of Sin with their terrifying secrets and deceitful nature.  Its safe to say I am absolutely by absolutely ever character!



flower 4

Have you read either of these books – what did you think?





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