The Rip it or Ship it Book Tag

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This tag was originally created by Emma @ Emmmabooks

I am back with another tag today after I rediscovered a draft of this post I did ages ago, and remembered how much fun it was to pair up book characters and either ship them or rip them!  As is probably evident by the fact that my motivation to this post now was caused by an old draft of mine, this is a pretty old tag by now, but nonetheless I just couldn’t help myself and just had to give it a go, if just for a little bit of fun.

So here is the rip it or ship it book tag!


Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (14)


I wish I thought this pairing could work, because could you imagine how amazing that would be?!  But unfortunately, I just can’t ship these two for some reason, as I can’t picture Peter and Simon ever working as a couple, as Peter’s too back and forth.  I do, however, think they may be able to be friends, so maybe I ship them in that sense?  Honestly I am so conflicted on this one!

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Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (15)


As much as I love both of these fabulous ladies separately, I’m gonna have to rip this one.  I just feel as though they are two different and too opposite to actually work well, with Felicity’s quick comebacks and ambition just not combining well with cute Lara Jean’s romantic and optimistic nature.


Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (16)


I love my morally grey ships like nobodies business, so I just have to ship this deadly pairing.  They are both such powerful characters who know what they want and will do everything in their power to reach that goal.  Plus, if anyone could teach Cardan to stop bullying other people and himself, it would be Helene.

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Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (17)


This is the fabulous female duo I never knew I needed!  Both of these women are badass bisexuals who own who they are without compromise and who will fight harder than anyone for what they want and what they love.  They would just be the picture of Hollywood glamour as they support each other in their ambitions


Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (18)


I’ll admit, at first I really wasn’t sure about this combination, but the more I thought about it, the more I realised how similar Will and Khalid are, and so how well he may fit with Shahzrad.  Will is very guarded and tries to push away those he loves for fear that he is cursed, and so I think Shazi would be the perfect character to show him that he deserves to be loved and to break his walls down just as she does with Khalid’s.

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Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (19)


As much as I find the Darkling to be an interesting character, there is no way I could subject Peeta to him.  These two characters are the complete opposite of each other, and I would not want for the Darkling to pass along any of his manipulative and evil traits over to the gentle and kind Peeta.


Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (20)


Yet another badass relationship that I need in my life!  Both Kelsea and Katherine are morally grey characters stuck in a world of monsters and politics that they try and gain some power over, so of course I had to ship these two.  Yes, they would properly be pretty ruthless rulers, but they’d also rule so well together over their kingdoms.

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Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (21)


My two soft cinnamon rolls!  These two would just be so sweet together, with Levi looking after August after he beats himself up for who he is, and both of these two just supporting each other through their struggles to accept themselves and their faults.

Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (22)


I feel like these two are just both too similar and too sarcastic to actually work together and get along.  They are both very snarky characters which may lead to a little more bad than good if these two ever got together.  They may be able to bond over their mutual adoration of beautiful, broken boys in the form of Adam and Percy, but I think that’s as close as they would get to any sort of friendship or relationship.

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Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (23).png


Is it strange that I sort of ship this?  I feel like Hermione and Blue are both such un-apologetically quirky characters who refuse to play by other peoples rules, and so I can definitely see Gansey falling for Hermione as much as he falls for Blue.  Plus can you just imagine Gansey wondering around Hogwarts?!


Have you done this tag – which was your favourite cross-over ship?  Do you agree with my choices?



4 thoughts on “The Rip it or Ship it Book Tag

  1. Wait, why is Gansey and Hermione actually perfect??😂I can just see Hermione reading up on all the ancient kings for him, and them trading all their knowledge… Also, I agree with you, Simon and Peter would not work, I feel like Peter might not appreciate Simon’s adorable nerdiness haha!?

    Wonderful post! ❤


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