Eight ‘Big’ Books I Want To Read in 2019

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Apparently I did not set myself enough reading challenges for myself to fail at at the beginning of the year, as today I have decided to give myself another!  Recently I’ve become so much more aware of my awful habit of always seeming to put of bigger books in favour of smaller ones, even if I am more interested in the bigger book, as I am definitely someone who is always intimidated by the size of a book.

Therefore, I decided to attempt to combat that by giving myself a list of eight books over 500 pages that I want to read before the end of 2019.  My idea is that as there are currently nine months left of the year, by challenging myself to just read one of these books a month, I can finally tackle the growing number of longer books on my TBR whilst also giving myself enough leeway that if I miss a month I can still achieve my goal by the end of 2019.

I am also posting this today instead of a TTT post, as I had a busy and stressful weekend that meant this post, which was scheduled for Sunday, wasn’t ready and that I had not written a Top Ten Tuesday post for today, so apologies for that – I promise I will get back into a regular schedule soon!

But anyway, here are eight big books I want to read in 2019!


Children of Blood and Bone Header.png

Everything about this book appeals to me, so the size is absolutely the one biggest reason I haven’t picked it up yet, followed by the fact that is an high fantasy, and so therefore is unlikely to be the quickest of reads.  However, as is probably clear from the entirety of this post anyway, I am determined to stop neglecting books just because they may take me a little longer to get through, and so then I have no reason to not read this super hyped book at some point soon.

The Shadow of the Wind Header.png

This is one of the books I feel the guiltiest about not having read yet, as not only has it been on my TBR for a good few years now, but I also know that I am going to adore this story as I have all of Carlos Ruiz Zafon’s other books. I even briefly started this one earlier this year, but put it down in favour of something else, so I am determined to make 2019 the year that I finally read this magical story.


Strange the Dreamer Header.png

I’ve owned this gorgeous book since it was first released two years ago, and so it is definitely time for me to finally read this fantasy story that sounds exactly like my sort of read.  Not only is this a long book anyway, but it is also a big hardcover, which makes it that much more intimidating, hence why I had to include on this list and within this challenge for myself.

The Diviners Header.png

This book sounds like it includes everything I ever want in a story, from the gorgeous 1920’s New York setting to the paranormal and occult aspects that make me desperate to read this story that I know I would have read by now had it not been over 500 pages long. I am also slightly more nervous about this one as I don’t know how I get on with Libba Bray’s writing style, but I would still like to at least give this book a go within the next year.


Queen of Shadows Header.png

One of the key reason I put off these longer books is because I know they will be a bigger time commitment than others, with this particularly the case with this, the fourth installment in the Throne of Glass series, as Sarah J. Maas’ books always take me longer to get through. However, after Heir of Fire built up so much of this story and grew this world, I am super interested to see where this story takes us next, even if I have to read over 500 pages to do so.

Carry On Header.png

I loved Fangirl with all of my heart, and yet I still have yet to get to this novel based on the fanfiction that Cath writes in that book.  Everyone seems to adore this fantasy book that seems to be a in similar vein to Harry Potter with its magical school setting and chosen one trope, and with the sequel, Wayward Son, set for release next year, I would love to be able to read this at some point in 2019.


Lady Midnight Header

Despite knowing that I will always fly through a Cassandra Clare novel, I still hesitate picking them up because of the shear size of the book in general, as well as of the individual chapters. I know that I will have so much fun reading this story and that I will more than likely get hooked from the offset, so I am hoping that can overpower the intimidation so that I finally read this book in 2019.

All The Light We Cannot See Header.png

I feel like this book has so many aspects about it that make me nervous about picking it, as not only is it long, but it is also a historical fiction, a genre I never normally reach for, and it is an adult novel.  However, this book sounds too beautiful for me not to at least give it a go at some point in 2019, and so hopefully by including it here I will do just that.


Are you like me – do you put off longer books because of their size?  Do you prefer longer books or shorter books?  Have you read any of these – what did you think?



6 thoughts on “Eight ‘Big’ Books I Want To Read in 2019

  1. Lovely post! So many of these are on my TBR as well.☺️I’ve heard so many good things about Children of Blood and Bone, I think I just keep avoiding it because I don’t usually go for fantasy? (And its length too, haha.) I also want to read Carry On- or basically any Rainbow Rowell, it all looks so good.


  2. OMG Same!!! I am the worst at reading long books!! I don’t know why I do that, but as soon as I see the thickness, I’m like: do I reeeeeaaalllly want to read that??

    I totally rec the first Diviners book. It was really good. Not at all hard to fly through– there’s mystery, a serial killer, magic, powers, and the 20’s!!

    I also loved FANGIRL but haven’t read CARRY ON yet 😦 I think my main problem with that one is that I don’t “get” it. No one has been able to tell me what the book actually is. Is it one of the real Simon Snow books? Is it Cath’s fanfic?? Is it just Rainbow Rowell writing about characters to write about them?? And it’s not the from the beginning of the saga, so how does that work just jumping in? Confusing.


    1. I’m exactly the same! Glad to hear you enjoyed The Diviners, especially if you tend to avoid longer books as well – hopefully I finally read it soon then, especially as every aspect of it appeals to me.
      I totally get your confusion about Carry On! I think the hype for me as well as my love for Fangirl is just too overpowering my confusion and making me want to read it even if I don’t totally ‘get it’.


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