February Wrap Up

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How is it already March?!  February seemed to go by in the blink of an eye, something probably not helped by the fact that it is the shortest month of the year.  Thankfully though, that did not reflect hugely on my reading, especially considering my awful start to the year, as I managed to finish three books in last month, all of which I enjoyed.  I also continued to feel myself slowly progress out of my reading slump, and so I’m hoping that my reading habits will further improve throughout March and the later months.

So here is everything I read in February!


To Kill A Kingdom Header.png

I actually started this one in January, but as my reading has been so slow recently, I didn’t get round to finishing it till well into February.  That said, this was surprisingly one of my favourite books I’ve read so far this year, with the Little Mermaid aspects and adventure-style plot making this a story I am very glad I decided to pick up.  I loved watching Lira and Elian slowly learn to trust each other as they both continue their searches, and their joint narration was one I adored.  I also fell in love with their enemies-to-lovers romance and the slow burn of it throughout this book.  Basically this was the dark, adventure filled siren story I never knew I needed!

(tw: murder, violence)



Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (25)

Honestly, I don’t even remember why I decided to start listening to the audiobook for this one, but I am so glad that I did!  I was actually debating not finishing off this trilogy at all, as despite really enjoying the first two books, I wasn’t super interested in the conclusion, and so I probably wouldn’t have even read this one had the audiobook not been available.  That said, as soon as I started listening to it I was hooked back in the cuteness of this story and this romance from the very first chapter, and I could not stop listening!  I forgot how much I adore the feel-good nature of this book, and just how heart-warming it is to read about Lara Jean and her sisters all baking and watching movies.  I also fell alot more in love with Peter in this third installment, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching his and Lara Jean’s relationship grow even further through all of the tough decisions they faced throughout this book, and honestly I couldn’t have asked for a better finale to this insanely adorable series.



Ruin & Rising Header.png

Finally, I finished off the month by diving into the last book in the Grisha trilogy after rereading the first two books in 2018, and I have to say that I have quite a few mixed feelings about this conclusion.  Similarly to Siege and Storm, I found the first 150 pages pretty slow-going, and so it wasn’t until I got past this point that I actually became invested in the story once again, and interested to see what would happen next.  Once again, Nikolai was by far my favourite character, with Mal and Alina both characters I didn’t mind reading about, but who I wasn’t all that interested in either.  As always, the world and magic system within this book was one of my favourite aspects, as I love exploring the Grishaverse more and more, even if I found the rest of the book a little lacklustre for a finale.

(tw: murder, violence, suicide, abuse)




TV Shows & Movies Header

February was another slow month for Tv and films, as I watched almost no new shows or a single movie.  That said, towards the end of the month I did spontaneously watch the documentary Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened one afternoon, which was pretty interesting from someone who had no idea about it beforehand.  I also finally watched Ant Man & the Wasp in preparation for Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame, and whilst it was definitely enjoyable, its not one that I absolutely loved or can see myself re-watching for any other reason other than that post-credit scene that somehow now has me even more excited for whats to come in the MCU!

Blog Posts Header

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What books did you read in February?  Did you watch any TV shows or movies that you just can’t stop raving about?  Have you read any of these – what did you think?



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