Try a Chapter Tag – Fantasy Edition

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This tag was first created by Malia @ Book Paradise

After recently trying to declutter my shelves in an attempt to fit all of the books I have acquired over the last few months onto them, I realised just how few of the books include in Fairyloot boxes I have actually read.  Therefore, I decided to revisit a tag I did last year that I found insanely helpful in allowing me to get rid of books that aren’t for me whilst also re-igniting my interest in those that I would like to read at some point in the future.  I really enjoyed completing this once again, and so don’t be surprised if more editions of this awesome tag appear on here in the future! 

So here is the try a chapter tag – fantasy edition!

Roar header.png

This is one of the oldest books I choose for this tag, but it is also one that I have been the most interested in ever since I first recieved.  I love the idea of Storm magic, and find this being the basis for the magic system in this world super unique, and so I was super excited to see how that actually played out in this story.

flower 4

After reading both the prologue and the first chapter of this book, I am definitely going to be continuing on with this one!  I am already in love with the detailed writing style and the intricate plot that already has so many different aspects to it that I can’t wait to see explored further throughout this story.  Both Aurora and Cassius are such interesting characters with secrets of their own I am excited to discover, and I just know that their relationship will be one I will thoroughly enjoy watching progress.

Verdict: Keep

The Hazel Wood Header.png

Next up was another book I was super excited to read when it was first released, so much so that I actually picked up a paperback copy myself before I recieved this hardback one.  Not only was I super curious about the hype surrounding this book, but the idea of this fictional world created by our protagonist’s grandmother being real was one I couldn’t wait to see explored.

flower 4

The first chapter of this book is only a few pages long, which is likely one of the reasons why I am so conflicted on my feelings for it.  Whilst there was nothing that instantly put me off or made me no longer want to read this book, there was also nothing that hooked me or made me want to continue on.  The writing style was easy to get into but nothing special, and the plot wasn’t super captivating to me.  Because of this, and due to mixed things I’ve heard about this book, I think I am going to unhaul it for now, as realistically I can not see myself picking it up at any point in the near future.

Verdict: Unhaul

Even The Darkest Stars by Heather Fawcett Header.png

Honestly, I know next to nothing about this book its been sitting on my shelf for that long, and so I really don’t know what to expect going into it.  All I do remember is that I was really interested in trying out this fantasy when I first received it, as well as how in love I was, and still am, with the cover of this one.

flower 4

Although the first chapter of this fantasy wasn’t mind-blowing, it was still by far enough to make my decision to keep this book and hopefully continue on with it very soon!  As I said above, I didn’t know much about this book before diving into it, so as soon as I saw that dragons even existed in this world, and that this story focused on exploring and expeditions, I was sold.  The relationship between Kamzin and her best friend Tam is also something that I am already a fan of, their easy friendship and understanding of each other clear just from the first few pages, and one I can’t wait to see progress throughout this story.

Verdict: Keep

State of Sorrow Header.png

This is the one I actually knew the least about going into it, as I could not remember anything about this book at all, and so naturally I had no idea what to expect.  After reminding myself of the synopsis, I still unfortunately was not super intrigued by anything about this story, and nothing about the plot made me want to dive into this story that honestly sounded pretty similar to alot of others to me.

flower 4

Post reading just the prologue of this one, I’m leaning towards keeping this one at the minute.  Whilst it wasn’t straight away a super captivating story that made me desperate to carry on immediately, I was still interested in what was happening and enjoyed the way we were introduced to this world.  The way this story begun felt different to quite a few others I have read recently, and honestly the last line of that prologue is enough to make desperate to see if sorrow is indeed all she will bring!

Verdict: Keep

Daughter of the Burning City Header.png

Finally, this is another one that piqued my interest as soon as I discovered that it followed the story of Sorina as she attempts to track down the person responsible for the murder of one of her illusions.  The concept of this fantasy was just unlike anything I’ve ever read before, and so I was desperate to read it as soon as I received it.  Yet, about 18 months later, this book is still sitting on my shelf, and so I am hoping that by doing this tag I can decide whether I am going to realistically still read this one in the future, or if time has made me lose interest in it enough to unhaul it.

flower 4

There is no way I am unhauling this book after how much just the first chapter hooked me!  I am already loving the way the concept of this story is being executed, with the illusions and magic so interesting to me already.  I love the dynamics between all the characters already, and this dark and debaucherous world is one I cannot wait to explore more.

Verdict: Keep


Have you done this tag – what books did you include and read the first chapter of?  Is this something you are a fan of doing in order to decided whether or not to unhaul books?  Have you read any of these – what did you think?



2 thoughts on “Try a Chapter Tag – Fantasy Edition

  1. I think I’m going to try this to see if I want to keep books! I have a lot of books and I’m thinking about doing an unhaul!


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