If You Like This… Try This! -Contemporary Edition

After I really enjoyed my first of these type of posts that I published recently, I decided that I was already desperate to do another set of these recommendations.  However, this time I choose to focus on one genre – contemporary!  Although my reading tastes have begun to shift away from contemporary in the last few years, I am still a huge lover of the genre, particularly when I find a hidden gem like some of the books mentioned in this post.  I also thought it would be very fitting to recommend some of my favourite contemporary books at this time of year, as we all know that they make the perfect summer reads.

So here are some of my contemporary recommendations!

If You Liked This

I was very late to the party with reading this gorgeously realistic novel by Rainbow Rowell, so I’m sure that almost everyone has read this contemporary by now.  So, if you also adored reading about Cath, then why not try another YA contemporary with a realistic and unique protagonist in the form of Alvie, who I am certain you will grow to adore.  Furthermore, Alvie is also not your typical lead, as she works and lives on her own, so if you enjoyed the lack of the traditional high school setting in Fangirl, then this heartwarming contemporary may just be for you.

If You Liked This (1).png

The very fact that I am willing to compare any book to Turtles All The Way Down should tell you just how good Robin Roe’s debut is!  A List of Cages is the heartbreakingly beautiful story of Adam and Julian as they re-enter each others lives, and is sure to hit you just as hard as John Green’s most recent release.  Both characters are as realistic as Aza in their struggles, and I promise you that Adam and Julian’s story will leave just as much as an impact.

If You Liked This (3).png

If lighter contemporaries are more you think, like the YA classic Anna and the French Kiss, then Jenna Evan Welch’s Love & Gelato is almost certainly worth adding to your TBR.  Not only do both of these include a travel aspect, with Love & Gelato following Lina as she spends the summer in Italy, but they also include a heavy emphasis on romance and some very swoon-worthy male characters.  So if you are stuck for a cute summery read akin to Stephanie Perkins, then I would definitely give this book a go!

If You Liked This (2)

Finally, if you were a fan of Adam Silvera’s heartbreaking look back at Griffin and Theo’s relationship after Theo’s death, then I would definitely recommend giving Daniel Handler’s slightly less soul crushing story that sees Mim recount her relationship with Ed through a box of items explaining why they broke up.  And whilst Why We Broke Up may not have you sobbing your heart out, its in depth and personal look into the heart of a realistic relationship and friendship makes this book perfect for fans of History Is All You Left Me.


Do you agree with my recommendations?  Have you read any of these – what did you think?


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