Top Ten Tuesday Thirty One – Top Ten Books With Sensory Reading Memories

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature/ meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

I am super excited for this week’s topic, as it is so unique and unlike any of the other TTT’s I’ve done before.  I love having memories associated with books, and so I thoroughly enjoyed going through my books and remembering where I was or what I was doing when I read that particular story.

So here are ten books with sensory reading memories!


Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (20).png

Weirdly, the memory I have associated with this story fit extremely well with the theme of the book itself, as I read it in the car on the way back from my summer holiday a couple of years ago, and so I love that I almost went on my own road trip whilst reading about this one.

The Book Thief Header.png

Another favourite book with some very strong memories attached to it, not because of where I was or what I was doing particularly, but because of how invested I was in this book.  I actually read the last 10 pages or so of this book in my bathroom on the floor because I could not even leave this story for long enough to walk across to my room after my bath.

The Picture of Dorian Gray Header.png

I actually read this one whilst waiting for a university interview in December, and so whilst I’d rather not be taken back to my actual interview that day, I do quite like having that memory of the nerves and excitement whilst I dived into this classic there.

Clockwork Princess Header

This is actually a sensory reading memory from very recently, as I only read this book a couple of months ago, so I can quite clearly still picture myself sitting at a bus stop waiting in the rain and diving into this story.  


Flame in the Mist header.png

Not only do I adore this book, but I also love the memories I have attached to it.  I remember reading this on the train home from a week away with my friends, and so whenever I think about this book, I always feel myself transported back there.

Cinder header.png

As I have recently finished school, I am now extremely happy for the memories I have associated with this book, as I first started it in my common room during a free period last year.  

The Miniaturist Header.png

I have so many sensory reading memories associated with this book, ranging from reading it on the beach whilst on holiday to continuously annotating it in the common room surrounded by my friends.

A Monster Calls Header.png

As much as I am glad to be finished with the endless days of revision, one of my favourite memories from that time a few years ago is sitting outside during my breaks reading this book.  Despite not being able to focus too much on actually reading this book, I managed to finish it in a single day, as I remember always picking it up when I had a spare moment.


The Girl from Everywhere header.png

Despite being someone who is rarely able to read in a car, I was just too addicted to this book to not dive into in the very backseat on my way to a concert with some family friends.  I just remember being so invested in this story that I had to continue reading it until I was finished, even if that meant ignoring everyone and everything else around me in order to do so!

An Ember in the Ashes header.png

Finally, this is another that I associate with sitting outside and reading during the summer as I first picked this up after the end of my exams a few years ago.


What books do you have sensory reading memories for?  What’s one book that you can remember exactly where you were when you read it?  Have you read any of these – what did you think?



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