Summer Book Unhaul Part Two – My Attempt At Finally Clearing Out My Shelves!

Today is the second part of my summer book unhaul, because somehow I got rid way too many books recently to talk about them all in one post.  Like I said in my last post, I am someone who does like to regularly clear out their shelves and get rid of books that I do not feel I need anymore in order to make space for the mass of books I need to find space for on them.  I also thought that it was about time for me to unhaul alot of books that I had been holding on to for too long without having the desire to reread them, and so alot of these books are ones that I did enjoy, but just not enough to warrant keeping them.

So here are some of the books I am unhauling!

My Sister Lives On The Mantlepiece & Ketchup Clouds Header.png

Another two books by the same author, but this time I have actually read both of these books previously.  I enjoyed both of these, with Ketchup Clouds being my favourite out of the two, but I didn’t love them, and know I will never reread them, especially as my taste has changed since I first read these books, so it just seems silly for them to continue taking up room on my shelves.

Numbers Series Header.png

One of the key things I aimed to do in this unhaul was get rid of all of the series that I have read, liked but will never come back to, and this is definitely another of those.  Whilst I did really enjoy the first two books in this trilogy, the conclusion really wasn’t for me, and so because of that I would never want to reread these books knowing that I am not happy with the ending.  So, despite enjoying the majority of this series, it is still time to give these away and let someone else read and discover them for the first time.

Conversion Header.png

This book was one of two that I decided to unhaul after my Try A Chapter Book Tag, as the first few pages of this book instantly told me that this would not be a book I would enjoy.  Although I do think that the concept of this book is a very unique and interesting one, the focus on high school drama and unnecessary cattiness between girls in the first chapter made me certain that this would not be my kind of read.

The Woman in Cabin 10 Header.png

Similarly, this is the second book that I decided to get rid of after reading, and really not enjoying the first chapter of this one.  I am not a huge reader of thrillers anyway, but I also just really wasn’t a fan of the writing style in this book, and was already beginning to get irritated with the protagonist, so it felt only right to unhaul it from my shelves where it would otherwise sit unread for years to come.

Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (21).png

This is another book that I, unfortunately, was just not a fan of when I read it a few years ago, with the romance predictable and main character uninteresting to me.  Although I was interested in the grief element of this story, as we got to see Lennie deal with the sudden death of her sister, all in all this book just didn’t stand out to me as hugely unique or special.

Lament & Ballad Header.png

Yes, I know, I still love Maggie Stiefvater and she is still one of my favourite authors, but these books are not ones I am too bothered about keeping.  I read them both before I had even heard of The Raven Cycle (Yes, there was a time before then!), and I enjoyed them, but know that if I were to reread them then my thoughts would likely be very different as it has been years since I picked these up.

BZRK Header.png

As well as getting rid of the first three books in the Gone series, I am also unhauling BZRK, despite having not read this book yet.  Similarly to my reason for getting rid of Michael Grant’s other books, this just does not seem like something that I would be interested in anymore, and so I would much rather give it away so that someone else can read it and enjoy it for themselves.

Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (22).png

This was actually one of the very first books I remember reviewing on my blog, something that feels so long ago now, and so whilst I really love those memories I have attached to this, the story itself was not one of my favourites.  Like alot of these books, I know that my opinion would also be vastly different if I were to read it now, so it feels like time to unhaul this one despite the sentimental value attached to it.

Twilight Saga Header.png

Yes, it is finally time for me to join the club and get rid of my once-loved and very battered Twilight books after years of having them on my shelves.  Although I am still a fan of these books for nostalgia’s sake, I can not see myself ever rereading them now, so it seems finally time to give these books a better home.

Unconventional header.png

On the complete other end of the scale, this is actually a book I only read last summer, and so had I not been completely ruthless in my unhauling, it probably would have survived on my shelf for a while longer.  However, seeing as this book wasn’t one I particularly enjoyed for anything more than its occasional cute moments, it is definitely better for me to get rid of it now rather than to leave it on my shelf pointless for years to come.

Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (23).png

Finally, this is another book that I read a good few years ago and just have little interest in returning to anymore.  Once again, I enjoyed this book for what it was but have since forgotten almost everything that happens in this, and so I have no plans to continue the series or reread this book, making it only right for me to give this book to someone who will hopefully enjoy it more than me.


Have you unhauled any books recently?  Do you regularly get rid of books?  Have you read any of these – what did you think?



2 thoughts on “Summer Book Unhaul Part Two – My Attempt At Finally Clearing Out My Shelves!

  1. I actually really like unhauling books on the regular! I only have one shelf in my room so I hate the clutter when I have too many books laying around. I rarely ever re-read books so unless they’re my all time favourites I have no problem giving books away to someone else to enjoy 🙂


    1. I wish I was like that and could just unhaul books all the time! I love the idea of having only one shelf in my room, as it would really help me get rid of books I don’t need, but I’m not sure I could ever actually stick to it 🙂


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