UK Vs US Covers

My exams are finally over, which as well as meaning my stress levels are back to normal, allows me to finally return to blogging!  Although I was only on hiatus for three weeks or so, I am still so happy to be back writing posts and reading other peoples blogs after almost completely disconnecting from everything.

Today I decided to do something a little different that I have seen a few people do before, and have always loved reading or watching, and that is comparing US and UK covers of the same book.  After watching Hailey @ Hailey In Bookland’s most recent video of this kind, I was so desperate to give a go for myself and see which covers I am more inclined towards.  I was also super curious to do this because, as a British blogger, I tend to always find my editions of books have slightly different covers to the usual US design that I see all over the place.

So here are some UK Vs US covers!

If You Liked This (1).png

Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (6).png

After seeing the US cover all over Goodreads before its release, I was so shocked when I walked into a bookshop to pick up this book only to be greeted by this completely different UK cover.  These two covers both focus on completely different aspects of the story, with the US choosing the multi-POV and political intrigue side of the story over the UK’s focus on the demon smoke, and I think they are both so gorgeous that its safe to say I am pretty unsure about this one.  However, if I did have to choose, I might have to give it to the UK cover, as I just adore its simplicity, and feel like it better represents the story as a whole, as after reading this story it is definitely the demon smoke itself that draws all of our five characters together in the end.

If You Liked This (2).png

Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (7).png

This was another that really confused me when I walked into a bookshop expecting to see the completely different US cover.  However, this one is a little easier in the fact that I have to say I definitely prefer the US cover to the UK one, as I am certain that I never would have picked this book up had I not known about it beforehand.  I really love the font of the US cover, as well as the mystery vibes it gives me as I’m sure this book will be full of alot of secrets and twists.  Meanwhile, the UK one just makes me think this would be either a fantasy or some sort of supernatural/paranormal book with a heavy focus on romance.

If You Liked This (3).png

Caraval Header

Looking at both of these covers makes me so sad that I didn’t enjoy this book, as these are such gorgeous covers I would certainly not mind having in my collection.  I love the focus on the title and the typography, and the tagline featured on both covers, as I believe it captures the essence of this book so well, and prepares the reader for a story of mystery, twists and turns.  But despite that, I have to admit that I do slightly prefer the US cover, just because it portrays the key idea of this magical circus a little clearer than the UK one.

If You Liked This (4)

The Wrath and the Dawn Header.png

Straight off the bat, I have to say that once again, I prefer the UK cover for this book.  Although I do really like the way the girl is hidden on the cover of the US version, and the mystery and secrets that reflects within the book itself, I just find the UK cover to be much more striking, with its use of typography and focus on the girl’s face, as it already begins to present this as a story about a strong woman in Shazi.  So whilst I adore the diversity and colour scheme shown in both covers, the UK design is definitely the one that catches my eye the most.

If You Liked This (5).png

Exit West Header.png

Finally, another of my favourite books here, but one whose covers are both very subtle and simple despite being very different.  Straight off the bat, I have to admit I prefer the UK cover, as to me it really reflects the subtle power of this novel, as well as the importance of the doors included in this story.  Meanwhile, whilst I love the colours in the US cover, I feel like it focuses too much on the magical aspect of this book that in reality, doesn’t have as much as a focus as the relationship between Saeed and Nadia and their struggles as they try and escape their war-torn country.


Do you agree with my choices?  Have you read any of these – what did you think?


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