Furyborn Review (i.e. I Think I Have A New Fantasy Series To Obsess Over)

As Furyborn by Claire Legrand was finally released into the wild this week, I thought it seemed only right to post my review of this amazing book.  I had been so excited to read this one ever since it first arrived in the November Fairyloot box, but as it was a ARC, I really wanted to read it around the date of its release so that I didn’t have to just sit talking to myself about all of the many thoughts I had whilst reading this.  So last month I finally decided it was time to give this book a read, and, honestly, I can not tell you how much I enjoyed it!

This story follows two fiercely independent young women living thousands of years apart, one destined for good and one destined for evil, whose stories intersect as they both fight in a war spanning millennia.

This synopsis was enough to get me excited about this book, and it did not disappoint!  Both plots were absolutely amazingly done, each as compelling and addictive as the other.  Firstly, I adored the royal court setting of Rielle’s story, and loved watching as she progressed through the trials to try and prove herself as the light queen.  I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the politics of this world and watching as more of the secrets within this kingdom began to reveal themselves, and as the dark truth of it all came to light.

Elianna’s quite different story was just as engaging, as we dive straight into the action and plot without a seconds break.  There was so much going on in her story that we barely got a chance to breathe before she is exploring the mysteries of her home and beginning to everything she thought she knew.

One of the key things that really interested me about this book was the dual narrative that spans two very different time periods.  As someone who is often not a huge fan of multiple POV’s, I was so happy when I found myself super invested in both stories and casts of characters.  Not only did I almost never get confused over whose perspective we were now reading from, but I also didn’t ever find myself preferring one narrative to the other, with both being equally as compelling as the other.  We instantly begin following two very different storylines that include very different characters within them, and yet they both still worked and fitted together so well to begin to tell the story of the blood and light queens.

Thankfully, I also adored both of these main characters just as much as each other, with Rielle and Elianna both super strong and badass female characters who I already want to read so many more books about.  I loved the conflict within both characters and their morally grey nature, as they both struggled between good and evil.

I just want to Claire Legrand for all of the spectacular side characters we got within this story.  Audric is this gorgeous little prince who just wants to keep everyone safe, whilst Simon was another complex character with a mysterious past who just wants to do what he thinks is right.  And can we just talk about Remy, who is honestly the most precious character ever?!  I also adored both Ludivine and Navi, not only for being awesome characters in their own rights, but also for giving me some much needed good female friendships in YA.

The romance in this book was so well done, in my opinion.  I personally preferred the relationship that developed as part of Rielle’s story, as I adored the way the characters really cared for each other and the growth of their relationship throughout the story.  That said, I did also enjoy the romance within Elianna’s story, especially because it incorporated one of my favourite tropes, enemies-to-lovers, within it.

Thanks to the different timelines we follow throughout the course of this book, we also get to explore so much of this gorgeous world.  I loved getting to learn more about the culture and traditions of this setting, particularly as we get to see how certain aspects of those have changed and grown over time.  The world-building was so well done because it developed the world enough for it to feel real and complex without overloading us with info-dumps and detail that we could instead explore through a different part of the story in one of the later books.

Considering this is probably one of the biggest books that I own, I got through this book so much quicker than I expected to, which is just a testament to how much I loved this story.  The writing was so immersive that within a few pages I was sucked straight into this world and this story.  It was fast paced and addictive without rushing through the plot at an insane rate, never once sacrificing world building and writing for action.

Overall, I absolutely adored this fast-paced fantasy that gave me two intertwining stories that I can not wait to continue in the next book!



cropped-flower-3.pngcropped-flower-3.pngcropped-flower-3.pngcropped-flower-3.pngThree Quarter Flower


Have you read this one – what did you think?  Do you agree with my thoughts?



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