Top Ten Tuesday Fifteen – Top Ten Books I Want To Reread

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature/ meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

This weeks topic was a bit of a strange one for me, as I typically don’t reread books, hence why I changed the topic for this week just slightly.  I used to be a huge rereader, but over the last few years I’ve really fallen out of the habit, and so this year I would love to get back into rereading, and reread some old favourites that at the minute I have only read once.

So here are eight books that I really want to reread!

We All Looked Up header.png

This book first started my love for Tommy Wallach, and yet sitting here now I can’t really remember many details about it, so rereading this one is definitely something I plan on doing soon.  Not only do I want to remember more of this book and what actually happens within it, but I also am just really excited to relive how I felt when I first read this, and reignite me love for this amazing book.

Wuthering Heights Header.png

This was the first classic I read outside of those I read for school, and I instantly fell in love with the beautiful atmosphere and dark story, so much so that this is now one of my favourite classics.  However, its now been a couple of years since I delved into the moors and so I really think its about time to give this classic a reread and to re-immerse myself into the gorgeous atmosphere Emily Brontë created in this novel.

Fangirl Header.png

I actually only read this book around six months ago, and yet already I am desperate to reread this one just for how much I enjoyed this story and how heartwarming I found it.  I’ve actually already gone back and reread some of my favourite scenes in this book, but I would still love to relive this whole story again, and fall back in love with Cath and Levi.

The Book Thief Header.png

This is one of my all time favourite books, and yet I have only read it once, so I desperately need to get round to rereading this one soon.  It has been so many years since I read this gorgeous book, most likely because it is 600 odd pages long, but I’m hoping that at some point soon I finally get round to rereading this heartbreakingly beautiful book that I love with all my heart.

The Game of Love and Death Header.png

This is another of my all time favourite books, and yet it has been so long since I first read, that by now I’m pretty sure a reread is long overdue.  This is such an underrated book that I would just love for more people to read and that I would love to read for a second time myself to relive and remind myself just how amazing this story is.

The Raven Boys Header.png

Okay, so I only finished this series last year, but I am in such desperate need of returning to this gorgeous world and these gorgeous characters that I am already considering rereading this book.  I can’t wait to go back and see where everything started, and to reread it now with how much these characters and this world now mean to me, and now knowing how this story ultimately ends.

Turtles All The Way Down Header 2.png

Its been only 3 months since I read this book, but I can already see myself rereading this book at some point this year just because of how much this book means to me.  It is a spectacular book that includes the best representation of mental health that I have ever read, and so I know that it won’t be long before I picking this one up for a second time just to remind myself how important a book this is.

The Great Gatsby Header.png

Finally, this is another of my favourite classics that I would love to just reread and relive, even if it has only been around 18 months since I first read this book.  I also haven’t read this one by myself since studying it in school, so I’m really interested to see how different my reading experience is now I have analysed this book and know exactly what happens within it.

What books do you really want to reread?  What book have you reread the most?  Have you read any of these – what did you think?

15 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday Fifteen – Top Ten Books I Want To Reread

  1. Lovely list! I also want to re-read Book Thief and Great Gatsby because it’s been such a while since I last read them. Oh, and I want to endeavor Wuthering Heights; so many people have recommended it to me, so I’m curious to finish it!


    1. The Book Thief is definitely one worth a reread! I would definitely recommend The Game of Love and Death, as it is such an underrated but amazing book – I hope you enjoy it if you do read it 🙂


  2. Honestly, The Book Thief is the only Ive read from your list…. So I’m now checking them out on Goodreads. 🙂 🙂 though some of them are already familiar to me. :):)
    Great list and hope you get to Reread them soon and enjoy them as much as you did before.. Or more. 🙂


  3. The Book Thief is one of my favorite books as well and I haven’t reread it yet. Some of this is because for so long, I was afraid to revisit a book that was so emotional. But it’s been so long, I really want to be able to reread and appreciate all its beauty minus the tears (or at least most of said tears). Great list!


    1. Thank you! I haven’t reread The Book Thief for almost the exact same reasons, as I know that it is a book that will take me a while to get through both because of its length and how emotional it is, so that is likely why I have yet to pick it up for a second time.

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