Six Of My Most Anticipated Debuts For The First Half Of 2018

Okay, so I know I am pretty late with this post.  In fact, I am extremely late to the game, as we are already halfway through February!  I actually started writing this post about a month ago, but for various reasons never got around to finishing it until now.  However, I am still so excited about all of these new books by brand new authors that I just could not leave this post rotting in my drafts.  All of these books just sound so amazing and so unique that I just had to share them all with you so that you can get as excited as me waiting for them all to be released.

So here six of my most anticipated debuts for the first half of 2018!

Ink, Iron and Glass (Release Date) Header.png

This book had me hooked from the very first line of the synopsis.  Not only is it set in a world where people can literally write worlds into creation, which as an avid reader just sounds like the most amazing thing ever, but it is also set in an alternate Victorian Italy.  Honestly everything about this book has so excited for it, from the setting to the secret society of young scientists, to the political conspiracy that I can not wait to uncover for myself when this book is released in just two days!

Where I Live (Release Date) Header.png

This book follows the story of Linden, who is a homeless teen living in her high school, which in itself makes me want to pick up this book right now.  I honestly can’t remember ever reading a book that features a homeless main character in a contemporary setting, and so I am so excited to read about Linden and her life in a book that sounds very unique and very interesting.

Children of Blood and Bone (Release Date) Header.png

This book is already being talked about even before its release, and for good reason from the sound of this synopsis!  If you haven’t heard about this one yet, its a West African inspired dark fantasy that includes magic, a rogue princess and a crown prince set on eradicating magic forever.  This honestly just sounds so unique, as I have never read a West African-inspired fantasy before, and so I can’t wait to dive into this amazing book when it is released next month.

Nothing But Sky (Release Date) Header.png

This is a historical fiction set post World War One that follows our main character Grace Lafferty, a wing walker.  Yes, a wing walker!  Not only is it set in a era that I certainly haven’t read many books set in, but it also follows this awesome daredevil of a main character who I can already tell I will fall in love with.  I’d also love to read more historical fiction, and so this sounds exactly like the type of book to start me off on that goal!

Sky In The Deep (Release Date) Header.png

Again, I’ve already seen a few people talking about this one and giving it some hype, and from this synopsis I definitely think that it sounds well deserved.  This is a standalone Viking-inspired fantasy that just sounds so awesome and action-packed with battles and betrayal and everything in between that I can’t wait to get my hands on it in April!

A Thousand Perfect Notes (Release Date) Header.png

Its Paper Fury’s book!  The moment I heard about the existence of this book, I was counting down the days till it is finally released.  Not only is this written by one of my favourite book bloggers, but the synopsis also just sounds like nothing I have ever read before, as it is described as an emotionally charged story of music, abuse and, ultimately, hope.  I just know this is going to be beautiful story, so bring on June so that this book can finally be released!


What 2018 debuts are you looking forward to?  What is your most anticipated 2018 debut?  Are you excited about the release of any of these?


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