Top Ten Tuesday Fourteen – Top Ten Favourite OTP’s

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature/ meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

In honour of Valentines Day, this weeks topic is a love freebie, and so I decided to share some of my favourite OTP’s with you today!  Although I am not someone who reads a ton of books that focus entirely on romance, I definitely don’t complain when a book features a good romance that I root for and ship to my hearts content.  I also just wanted to quickly mention that this post will definitely include some spoilers, so please proceed at your own caution!

So here are eight of my favourite bookish OTP’s!

Inej & Kaz Header Two.png

So far, I have only read Six of Crows, so I currently don’t know how their relationship progresses in Crooked Kingdom, but I definitely hoping that it includes many more scenes of these two together.  I love how these two have known each other for a long time, and so have such a strong bond before we even meet them, and so I can’t help but desperately want to keep reading about their will-they-won’t-they romance.

Ronan & Adam Header.png

These two are one of, if not my favourite OTP, from one of my all time favourite book series, whose slow burn romance surprised me in the best way possible.  I love how we get to see their relationship develop over time until they are both finally ready to give into their feelings for each other, and just think that they are two characters who fit so perfectly together.

Khalid & Shazi Header.png

These two are the most recent addition to this list, but are still very worthy of a place on it, with their romance and relationship becoming one of my favourite aspects of this duology.  I loved how they started out as enemies, but soon began to really see each other for who they are and eventually fall for each other despite everything.

Natasha & Daniel Header.png

I adored so many things about this book, including these two amazing characters who I couldn’t help but ship together despite the fact that this book takes place over the course of a single day.  These two just supported each other so much through each of their own struggles, and I just adored watching them get to know each other and really begin to form such a strong bond over such a short space of time.

Alec & Magnus Header.png

An old favourite here, but nonetheless a couple who I still ship just as hard as I did when I first read this series.  I just adore these two so much, and loved watching the up and downs of their relationship throughout the Mortal Instruments, and am fairly certain that they will stay as one of my favourite bookish couples for a long time to come.

Puck & Sean Header.png

Another couple from a Maggie Stiefvater book here, and another slow burn romance that I just fell in love with the second it was introduced.  I love the subtlety of their relationship, and again just adored watching as they slowly began to trust each other more and as their bond strengthened and developed throughout the course of this book.

Cath & Levi Header.png

I knew going into this one that so many people loved these two, but I still did not expect to adore their romance as much as I did.  I found both their romance and them as characters themselves to be so realistic, and I just loved watching their relationship develop throughout the course of this fabulous book.

Helene & Elias Header.png

Finally, these two are one of my few OTP’s who, at the current point in the series, are not actually together, but that does not mean that I do not ship these two any less.  They have such a strong connection and work so well as a team together, and so I just can’t wait to hopefully see more scenes including them in book three.


Who are some of your favourite OTP’s?  Do you ship any of my picks?  Who is your all time favourite OTP?



9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday Fourteen – Top Ten Favourite OTP’s

  1. Kaz and Inej may be my absolute OTP 😆 And Natasha and Daniel are so adorable. The sun is also a star is one my favorite contemporaries. Great list!
    My TTT


  2. EVERY time I see “Six of Crows” on any list, I am reminded how much I’d REALLY like to read this one. Also really excited to read Nicola’s since I discovered “Everything, Everything” last year, and surprisingly, I really enjoyed it! 🙂

    Thanks for visiting Finding Wonderland, Alice.


  3. PUCK AND SEAN. *sobs* Honestly, their relationship is one of my all-time favorites because it was so unexpected yet felt so real.


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