November Wrap Up

It’s officially December!

Somehow we have already made it to the very last month of the year, with November, and another month of reading, now over.  This month was definitely an improvement on October, not only in the number of books I managed to read, but also simply in how much I enjoyed reading this month.  In total, I managed to read four books this month, which whilst not being amazing by any means, definitely puts me more on track than I was.

I can also slowly feel myself beginning to really get back into the habit and momentum of reading again, which hopefully means that December will be an even better month again.  I’m currently 6 books away from reaching my goal of reading 50 books this year, and I know I will be so annoyed with myself I do not manage to hit that as I am already so close to it, so that is yet another motivation to end 2017 on a really good reading month.

So here are all the books I read in November!

Clockwork Angel Header.png

I started off the month by finally reading a book I have been desperately needing to read for longer than I can even remember.  Not only do so many people seem to love this series, but I also its also been nearly a year since I finished The Mortal Instruments series, so it was definitely time for me to pick up another Cassandra Clare book.

This book follows Tessa Gray as she enters London’s supernatural underworld in such of her missing brother, only to find help from a group of Shadow hunters at the London Institute as she gets wrapped up into a world she never even knew existed.

All in all, I really enjoyed this book.  It gave me everything I wanted from a Cassandra Clare book, with an addictive plot that I easily fell into, and writing that continuously kept me reading.  I really enjoyed returning to the Shadowhunter world, and especially loved exploring a different part of it in a completely different time period than we saw in the Mortal Instruments.  I am so glad that I finally picked up this book, and cant wait to continue on with this series and to see what the next book holds!





The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Header.png

Next up I decided to read a classic that I have been curious about reading for a while now.  This year has definitely been the year that I have fallen in love with reading classics, and so I was super excited about diving into another one that is so well known.

Whilst I did end up enjoying this book, I definitely don’t think it was one of my favourites.  I liked the story and the plot, but don’t think I enjoyed it as much as I could have because I obviously knew about the key plot twist around which most of the book is focused.  Whilst this didn’t ruin my reading of this classic, I definitely think that it was the main reason why I couldn’t love this book, because of how large an aspect it is.  Nonetheless, I did enjoy the writing style of this one, and am definitely glad that I gave it a go for myself.




Heir of Fire Header.png

Even before finishing Jekyll and Hyde, I knew that I wanted to read this book next.  I read Crown of Midnight earlier this year, and ever since have been desperate to read it and continue on with this series that I keep falling more and more in love with.  That said, I was still a little more sceptical about this one as I have heard a few people describe it as a book that focused alot more on world-building and setting things up for later on in the series and so didn’t actually have a lot going on within it plot-wise.

However, long story short, I absolutely adored this book.

This series just keeps getting better and better for me, with every book delving deeper into this world and developing the plot even further.  I adored how much this book added to the story, bringing so many amazing new characters and new elements to an already beautifully complex and rich plot.  It stepped everything up a level for me, and I can not tell you how excited I now am to read Queen of Shadows!



cropped-flower-3.pngcropped-flower-3.pngcropped-flower-3.pngcropped-flower-3.pngHalf flower

Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (46).png

Finally, I was still very much in the mood for fantasy or sci-fi after finishing Heir of Fire, and so decided to carry on with this second book in the Lunar Chronicles series.  I read Cinder earlier this year, and absolutely flew through it because I just could not put it down, and so was super excited to continue on the series with Scarlet.

I actually haven’t finished this book yet, but am almost certain that I will have in a day or two, because so far as I am loving this book.  It is just as fast paced and addictive as Cinder, and I adore how this one introduces us to some new characters whilst still continuing on with Cinder’s, and others characters storylines as well.  I love how many plot twists there are in this series, and can’t wait to find out what the end of this book has in store!

What books did you read in November?  Which was your favourite?  Have you read any of these – what did you think?



2 thoughts on “November Wrap Up

  1. Nice reads! I LOVED the Infernal Devices series. Wait until you get to third in that series and GET THE TISSUES! I’ve also read the Throne of Glass series and the Lunar Chronicles and those are also two of my favorite series. I’m kind of jealous!


    1. Thanks! I can’t wait to read the rest of the Infernal Devices, but I;m definitely going to have to prepare myself for the third book, because I’ve heard so many people talk about how emotional it is. I’m also loving both Throne of Glass and The Lunar Chronicles so far, and can’t wait to continue on with them! Glad you enjoyed all of these series as well 🙂


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