October Wrap Up

 Another month is over and so its time for another wrap up!

October has somehow already been and is very almost gone, and so its once again time to look back over my last month of reading.  This month definitely wasn’t my best, as I only managed to read three books during it.  After such a good reading month in September, I was so excited to continue that momentum into October, but unfortunately it wasn’t to last.  This month started out so well, but after There’s Someone Inside Your House I just lost a little bit of a my motivation to read, and so only managed to finish one book during the last few weeks of the month.

However, I did still read two books that I really enjoyed, and so here are all the books I finished this month.

Murder On The Orient Express Header

I knew that I wanted October to be filled with spooky reads, and so decided to start it exactly as I meant to go on with one I knew I needed to pick up soon anyway.  After hearing that the movie for this one was coming out super soon, I knew that I wanted to get round to it before it was released, and so picked it up in the summer with the hopes to do just that.

This is a murder mystery that sees one of the passengers on the famous Orient Express murdered whilst the train is stranded by a snowdrift, leaving only those on the train as suspects.

Overall, I really enjoyed this one.  It was such an interesting story and was set out in a very different way than I’m used to, but I think it worked so well for this book.  I was constantly trying to figure out who the murderer was, and attempting to decipher all of the clues, and I was still shocked by the ending of this one as I did not see it coming at all.  It was definitely a really enjoyable read, and has made me curious to read another of Agatha Christie’s books.



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There's Someone In Your House header.png

Next I decided to continue on my spooky reading with a book I had been anticipating ever since I heard that Stephanie Perkins was releasing a horror book.  I’d been so excited about this book for so long that I couldn’t resist picking it up as soon as I could, especially considering October seemed like the perfect month to read it in.

This book is pitched as Scream meets YA, and follows our main character of Makani as one by one the students of her high school are killed in a series of gruesome murders.

Unfortunately, I really didn’t enjoy this book much at all.  There were a few aspects I enjoyed, such as the diversity and the fast pace, but otherwise it really wasn’t for me.  I just found it relied too heavily on gore to create horror rather than suspense, and focused on romance a lot more than I expected it to.  I think that the characters were underdeveloped, and overall just wasn’t a huge fan of this book at all.




cropped-flower-3.pngcropped-flower-3.pngQuarter flower


This Savage Song Header

Finally, after starting Thirteen Chairs and really not enjoying it as much as I expected to, I decided to leave that one, and pick up another book that I knew I was likely to enjoy, and that still fitted in with the Halloween theme.

This book follows two heirs of a divided city; Kate, who wants to be as ruthless as her father, and August, a monsters who wishes more than anything to be human.

I am so happy that I decided to pick up this book at long last!  I have never read a Victoria Schwab book before, and so was a little bit nervous going into this one, but in the end it definitely didn’t disappoint.  I loved the setting, the world-building and just the overall concept and ideas behind it all, and really enjoyed the plot and storyline.  I adored the characters, especially Kate and August whose relationship was done just so well.  I can’t wait to return to this world in the second book and see where the story goes next.




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How many books did you read this month?  Which was your favourite?  What books do you plan on reading next month?


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