September Wrap Up

Its October!

Despite the fact that in my head it still feels like September has only just begun, it is in fact now officially October, which means its time to look back at all of the reading I got done in September.

September was actually a really good reading month for me.  In fact, it was probably even the best reading month I have had all year!  Overall, I managed to read a total of six books, pretty much all of which I loved, and one of which has already become one of my favourite reads of the year so far.  This has really been the month where I have fallen back in love with reading, and also finally read some books that I have been putting off for whatever reason, and so its safe to say that this was a really great month of reading for me.

The Miniaturist Header

I actually started this one at the very end of August, but I still read the majority of this in September, so I’m counting it for this month!

Set in the late 17th century, this book tells the story of Nella, as she moves to Amsterdam to begin her new life as the wife of Merchant Johannes Brandt, and is given a miniature version of her new home that holds some unusual secrets.

I was super excited going into this one, and was definitely not let down by it!  I loved so much about this one and just adored the story it told.  I really enjoyed how it took a while for the plot to start to develop and how many amazing plot twists we got in this book, as well as the gorgeous writing style that I just could not get enough of.  Overall, I just really adored this book, and am now really excited to read another of Jesse Burton’s books.

Rating :

flower 3flower 3flower 3flower 3flower 3

Dracula Header.png

This was another one I needed to read for school, but one I was still quite interested in reading anyway.  Before going into this one, I was really excited to see where the Dracula myth originated from, and to read the first book introducing his character.

After Johnathon Harker travels to Transylvania to help Count Dracula by a house in London, and makes some scary discoveries, strange events also begin to occur back in England.

Unfortunately, this book was really not for me.

I really enjoyed the first 50 pages or so, but after that I just lost pretty much all interest in this one.  It took me so long to read because I just found to it so hard to get into the story, as it was just so slow paced and the plot was drawn out so much.  Overall, this was just definitely not my sort of book unfortunately, and I really had to force myself to actually finish this one.

Rating –


flower 3flower 3Half flower


Whilst reading Dracula, I knew I could feel myself slowly slipping into the abyss that is a reading slump, and so was desperate to pick up a fast paced read that I knew I would enjoy, so this one seemed like exactly the book I needed.

This book follows a band of six outcasts as they are brought together in the attempt to pull off an impossible heist.

I can not believe it took me so long to read this one, but I am so glad that I finally picked this one up for myself.  It lived up to all the hype for me, from everything from the amazing story to the absolutely spectacular characters that I couldn’t help but fall in love with.  I absolutely adored this one, and can not wait to continue on with this story in Crooked Kingdom.

Rating :


flower 3flower 3flower 3flower 3flower 3

Fangirl Header.png

For some reason, Six Of Crows finally got me motivated to read some of those books that I have been putting off for far too long now, and so the next obvious choice to fit that category was this one.

This book follows Cath, as she and her identical twin Wren go off to university together, only for Cath to have to find her own way apart from Wren, who decides she no longer wants to just be half of a pair.

I am so glad that I finally picked this one up!

It was so good and such a cute read that I thoroughly enjoyed.  I adored Cath’s character, and found to be so relatable and realistic, and loved all of the fandom references that were littered throughout this story.  The romance was absolutely adorable and by far one of my aspects of this book.  I definitely now understand why everyone loves this book, and am so happy that Carry On is now an actual book as well!

Rating – 4.5/5

flower 3flower 3flower 3flower 3Half flower

Animal Farm Header.png

After Fangirl I really wanted to pick up another classic, and also decided it might be good idea to tick one off of my Autumn TBR, so this one seemed like the perfect book for the job.

This one sees a group of mistreated farm animals revolt and take over the farm for themselves, only for the paradise that they imagined to be much further off than they expected.

I loved 1984, and so was so happy when I ended up enjoying this one as well.  It took me a while to get into the style of this one, as its such a short book and so didn’t really include much description or anything like that, but once I did I really started to enjoy this one.  Similarly to 1984, I loved how it managed to combine politics and literature, and found it so interesting how well it reflected an important part of history into a story.

Rating – 4.75/5

flower 3flower 3flower 3flower 3Three Quarter Flower

The Raven King Header

Finally, after putting this one off for so long, I decided to bite the bullet and read the finale to one of my favourite series.  I can’t believe that this series is now over, but I am also so glad that I have now read this gorgeous book.

This book was just everything I wanted, and more.

I honestly have way too many feelings about this book right now, as it was all just so good and the perfect conclusion to such a spectacular series.  I adored everything about this one, from the ever-magical writing to the characters who we have to got to know so well, and the romance that I don’t think I will ever be over.  I could talk about this amazing series and book forever, but instead will just point out that if you haven’t picked this series up yet, then please, please do.  You will not regret it.





What books did you read this month?  Which one was your favourite?  Have you read any of these – what did you think?


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