Six Of Crows Review (i.e. Why Did It Take Me So Long To Read This?!)

I did it.  I finally read Six of Crows.

After months, maybe even years, of telling myself I needed to read this book, I finally did earlier this month.  I had been putting off reading it for so long due to the hype surrounding it, because so many people love this book it is insane.  Or at least I thought it was insane before I read it for myself.  Now I think its insane that I managed to put this book off months, and so missed out on this gorgeous book for so long.

I have officially jumped on the train of people who adore this book and I am not looking back.

As soon as I first heard the synopsis for this book, I was definitely excited about it.  Six outcasts take on a heist to break into a military stronghold that has never been breached?  Sign me straight up.

And it definitely lived up to my expectations.

I adored the plot of this one, from the build-up to the mission right through to the unexpected ending.  It was so well paced that we got to see some slower scenes with them ever dragging, whilst also not rushing through all the actions scenes.  I loved how character driven this book is because we get to see so much character development and so many interactions between the characters, but how this is then so well intertwined with the faster action scenes.  We got to learn about all of their backstories without having this reduce the importance of the actual plot of the book.

And can we talk about the characters in this book for a minute?!

I don’t think I have found a cast of characters so amazing and who I love so much since The Raven Cycle.  All of the characters were just so good.  I’m pretty sure Inej has become one of my favourite characters of all time after this book.  She is just the most amazing person who sticks by her beliefs, and is so strong, and won’t accept anything less than what she deserves.  She is just such a fighter, and so unique, and I can’t wait to see more of her in Crooked Kingdom.

‘This one walked with soft feet like she’d drifted in from the next world and no one had the good sense to send her back

From Kaz the criminal genius, to Nina who is a Grisha and so exceptionally strong, and still manages some of the best back and forth with Matthias.  And that’s not even mentioning my fave Jesper whose witty remarks and mocking of Wylan, and their relationship in generally was so amazing as well.  I just loved them all so much that I already want to read about 10 more books about them and their adventures.

And they all just worked so well together as well.  The interactions between all of these different characters were so witty and they bounced off each other so well for a band of criminal misfits and outcasts.  I loved the dynamics in the group, and adored some of the friendships and relationships that developed within it.

The romance was something I was not prepared for.

I knew there may be a little bit of romance mixed in here, but did not realise how much I would adore every ounce of sexual tension and angst that we saw throughout this story.  Each relationship had its own separate dynamic between the characters, and was so different that it never seemed like the same relationship was just being played out by three couples.  The slow-burn of some of these couples were done so well that adored watching the will-they-won’t-they aspect play out, and can’t wait for it to continue on into the next book.

‘You know I can do it, Kaz, and you know I’m not going to refuse.  So why ask?’

Because I’ve been looking for an excuse to talk to you for two days.

Do you see what I mean?!

For someone who hates split POV books, I cannot believe how much I enjoyed this one.  I am always that person who gets confused with who is speaking and find that most of the time, the characters whose heads we are in sound exactly the same.  But thanks to the way this one is done, and the fact that it is done in 3rd person and not 1st, means that I can not imagine this story being told in any other way.  It is what allows us to delve so deep into these characters, and to see them all as amazing, unique individuals.

Finally, the writing.  In short, it was spectacular.

This book is so good at immersing you straight into a setting, building it up around you so that you almost feel as if you are really there, walking through the streets of Ketterdam yourself.  It is so detailed so well written that it is impossible not to get drawn straight into the world Leigh Bardugo creates.

All in all, this book was everything I expected it to be and more.  I fell straight into this story and this world, and honestly never wanted to stop reading about these characters and their adventures.  I am currently having to stop myself from reading the next book right this minute, as I already can’t wait to return to this world, and these spectacular characters.



No mourners.  No funerals


Rise Up – Imagine Dragons


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Have you read this one – what did you think?  Whose your favourite character from this book?


2 thoughts on “Six Of Crows Review (i.e. Why Did It Take Me So Long To Read This?!)

  1. YES. I completely agree. This was an amazing book, and I am so glad to see you enjoyed it as much as I did. 🙂 The characters, writing, plot, and romance were all absolutely flawless. Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous review!


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