Top Ten Tuesday One – Top Ten Recommendations for Ravenclaws

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature/ meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish.  This week, Top Ten Tuesday is finally back after a couple of weeks off, and so I was very excited to get back into it with this weeks topic.  As soon as I saw this weeks topic, and some of the suggestions that went along with it, I knew that I wanted to recommend some books that I think Ravenclaws would really enjoy.  I’ve seen a few of these Hogwarts House recommendations floating around recently, and so thought this weeks Top Ten Tuesday was a perfect chance to give it a go for myself.  So, here are some of my recommendations for books that I think Ravenclaws would really enjoy.  And so, enjoy!


Wolf by Wolf header

This is one that I read at the beginning of the year, and is such a unique story that I just had to put it on this list.  Not only does it weave in so many interesting historical aspects, but is also such an interesting story with some witty characters in it, so is definitely one to try if you’re a Ravenclaw.

An Ember in the Ashes header

Here is one of my favourite books of last year, and one that was so clever in so many different aspect of its story, from the constant unpredictability of the plot to the complex world-building.  Its such an interesting story that I think is perfect for Ravenclaws because of its great politics and Roman influence that just makes this book as good as it is.


The Game of Love and Death Header

This is one of my favourite books, and one that is such an underrated read, despite it being such a unique and complex book that is based on such an original concept, and has so many amazing aspect within it.  Not only is it so unique and original, but because of its historical setting, involves so many important topics into the story, and just ultimately makes this story a very intelligent book.

Everyday Header

 Similarly to The Game of Love and Death, this one is such a unique book that is so clever in the way that it makes you think and question things in such a subtle way.  It has such an original concept and is such an interesting story to read that I would definitely recommend this one to all Ravenclaws.


Illuminae Header

When thinking about some of the key qualities and characteristics of Ravenclaws, I suddenly realized how many of these fit with this book.  Not only is this a very unique and original book due to its format and story, but it is also quite a clever book and one that is filled with clever characters who are so sarcastic and witty that this one just seemed like a book that so many Ravenclaws would love, even if it was not one I originally thought of.

1984 Header

This is one of my more recent reads, and one that is so politically influenced and thought-provoking that it is definitely one I think Ravenclaw’s would really enjoy.  It is a book that just makes you think so much and is such a clever book, and so really works with the traits of intelligence and wisdom.


The Raven Boys Header

I think that not only would this single book be great for Ravenclaw’s, but the whimsical and unique style of this whole series is something that I really think fits with the traits of this house.  It is so atmospherical and the story gets so much more complex and gains so much depth to it as it progresses that I would definitely recommend this one as a book that’s a little different from your normal read.

We Were Liars Header

Finally, this one is similar to The Raven Boys, in the way that whilst it is still quite an intelligent book in the way it tells a story and in the way it keeps you guessing and hides certain aspects from you for almost the entirety of the book.


What books would you recommend for a Ravenclaw?  Have you read any of these – what did you think?





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