5 Books I Need to Read Before the End of the Year

As we are somehow already well into August, and so also well into the second half of the year, I decided to look at those books that I have yet to get round to, but know I really do need to read before the year is out.  As much as so far, this year has been a pretty good reading year for me, there are still a fair few books that I have, for whatever reason, just not read yet despite either really wanting to or really needing to.  Weirdly, all of these books also ended up being books in series, so all of these I really do need to read if I ever want to continue on with this series.  So here are some of the books that I most want to, and hopefully will get round to before the end of the year.  And so, enjoy!


This is a book that has been on so many TBR’s and so many posts where I’ve talked about those books that I desperately need to get round to reading, and yet still it is sitting on my shelf, unread.  I think my main reservation about reading this one has to be that I am still only halfway through the Grisha trilogy, and so am constantly moving back and forth between just reading this one first, or continuing on and finishing that series before starting this one.  However, as I just can’t see myself picking up Siege and Storm again and giving it another go very soon, I am hoping that I can just bite the bullet and pick up this one, as I am so much more desperate to read it than to continue on with the Grisha trilogy.  I just really want to see what I think about this one as so many people love it, so hopefully I can get this one read before the end of December.  

Yet another here that I’m sure people are getting sick of me talking about and continuously saying that I need to read, as I know this has been my default answer for so long whenever I talk about a topic similar to this.  So, this time, I am determined to mean it when I say that this book will be read before the end of the year, as if I don’t then there is no way I will remember enough of An Ember in the Ashes to continue with this book without reading the first book again, something which I’m pretty unlikely to do anyway.  I absolutely adored the first book when I read it last year, so I would be so annoyed with myself if I just left this series simply because I did not pick this sequel up in time, so I know out of all of the books on this list, this is the one that must be read.  I also just found out that there are going to be more books in this series, so now I really do need to read this book very, very soon!  

This is another book in a series that I really need to get round to, not particularly because I am likely to forget what happened in the previous book, but more because this is such a well-loved series that I really do need to just get on with and read.  Although I do know the plot of this series, as I grew up watching and loving the films instead of the book, I currently feel as though I am the only person who has not read this series yet, and so am desperate to correct that, not just so that I can say I have read these books, but also because so many people adore these books, and say that they are so much better than the films.  I also absolutely adored the third book, Prisoner of Azkaban, more than the first two, and so really need to return to this world and hopefully watch the series get better and better still.

I was so tempted to actually put the entire Infernal Devices trilogy on this list, as in an ideal world I would love to have read all three books by the end of the year.  But as I know that it is unlikely that will end up happening, I decided to at least put this, the first book in this series, on here, as there is no way I am ending this year without having at read this book.  Since finishing The Mortal Instruments all the way back in January, I have known that this is the next book that I need to catch up on and read before I can read Lady Midnight and Cassandra’s Clare newest series in the Shadowhunter world.  Once again, I have also heard so many people say they love this series, and so I am quite interested to actually see what I think for myself, and finally meet the characters in this trilogy who I have heard so many people talk about.

Finally, yet another book in a series, but one that I did not actually at first think I would end up putting on this list, after I adored the second book in this series when I read it only a couple of months ago.  However, as much as at the time I was so desperate to just pick up the next book straight away, since my motivation to read it has lessened so much so that I am so scared that I will just end of leaving this series too long to ever get back into it.  Since reading the second book, I have heard from a couple of people that the third book is not as good as the first and second, and so even before picking it up, I am already expecting this to be a bit of struggle to get through, which in turn means I keep putting off reading this one.  So, hopefully by putting this book on this list, it will give me to motivation to just read this one and see what I think for myself, as I know that so many people enjoy this series, and so I don’t want to stop reading it just because this one might not be the best in the series. 


What books do you need to read before the end of the year?  Have you read any of these – what did you think?


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